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A fire crackled in the corner of the campsite, projecting long shadows on the surrounding area. The light cast by the flames danced across the dark trunks of the trees, twisting and curling in obscure shapes and providing a small radius of light. The fire itself was pulsating, the glowing embers seemed to move in rhythm with the flames, matching every dip and sweep. It was mesmerizing to watch, colours of orange and red gave way to yellow and white near the centre, where the emanating heat was the greatest.

shelbylynn described this, April 24, 2013.

The heat from the campfire seemed to be sucked into the frigid air before ever reaching their frozen hands. They added more wood and poked it with long sticks. It seemed to die a little as if unsure of itself, unready to devour the new offerings. It licked at the new logs like a nervous kitten and sent feeble sparks to die in the air. But after a time it found it's confidence and grew until the heat warmed them, orange flames celebrated with their wild flickering dance. It would have to last through the night. Someone would have to stay up and nurse it through the darkest hours, guard it, feed it.

maverick described this, November 11, 2013.

As the sun went down, the fire became bright and vivid, as though someone had shown a spotlight on it. The intensity and excitement of the flames was like they were dancing in the moonlight. A lake nearby had the reflection of a distant glow, like a bright sun on land. The colors were brilliant reds, oranges, and faint yellows.

elizfarley described this, September 9, 2014.

He turned his attention back to the fire, blowing slowly into the red ashes. Within minutes the coals glowed orange, and he rushed to his knapsack for some kindling.

found in “The Biomass Revolution”, authored by Nicholas Smith. mahoreveuse added this, April 3, 2013.

His eyes instantly searched for the garish fire that kept him warm through the night.

found in “The Biomass Revolution”, authored by Nicholas Smith. mahoreveuse added this, April 3, 2013.