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Even the shadows now were swallowed by the encroaching darkness. In the gathering gloom the stars and the moon shone brighter in the sky, as if to remind us that even in the darkness there is light.

neeta described this, October 19, 2013.

The night rolled over bringing a threat of a storm. Light was covered by the rapidly falling night. The bright blue sky transformed into an ocean of blackness. Shimmering stars illuminated the moonless, jet black sky, as if to remind us that even in darkness there is still light. The air was still and heavy, thick clouds covered half sky. A cool breeze swept the alienated street. Owls swept silently overhead. Even shadows were swallowed by the encroaching darkness.

nallencooper20 described this, November 8, 2013.

The warm bronze sunlight was swallowed by the horizon. The bright sunny day engulfed in darkness. A beautiful darkness. A darkness where my laughter lines illuminated and seemed to turn from creaks to craters as I smiled at the scintillating moon. The cold night tired me and I closed my eyes. Somewhere in the distance an owl sounded, awakening the nocturnal nature. The lustrous, dancing stars glinted in the sky, brightening it even more. I feel there is no such thing as darkness, as long as the moon is iridescently shining and the stars gleam above me, I am never completely in darkness.

Emily Jayne (Emza) described this, November 24, 2013.

The nightfall brought a welcome coolness to the land after the sultry day. Mama described it as like 'the breath of God after the fires of a hellish day, soothing us to sleep like a lullaby - refreshing our souls for a new journey in the morn.'

ravinder described this, November 8, 2013.

Nightfall cocooned me in it's protective folds, they would not search for me in the darkness. Now I was protected and hidden in it's velvety blackness. I could curl up under the white gold moon and sleep under the constellations for a couple of hours, then rise before the dawn and follow the stream toward the river and the boarder to freedom. By breakfast I would be on the other side of the river Goklas and they can not touch me there.

ravinder described this, November 8, 2013.

By nightfall the familiar trees and rocks of the daytime took on new and ominous forms. It was as if by stealing their colours the night also stole their friendly spirits and replaced them with malicious demons. Even the stars and mood could not make them seem any less threatening. The lack of bird song made the woods eerie and I imagined every leaf flutter or twig snap to announce the arrival of a dangerous man or beast. I shivered in the inky darkness until the dawn chorus broke the malignant spell, their voices had never sounded so sweet and the return of the watery daylight slanting through the canopy above had never been so welcome.

ravinder described this, November 8, 2013.

Katie steps from the old beauty parlour into the street. Only a few years back she would have been bathed in the gentle glow of the street-lamps, now there is only darkness. At first it scared her, but over time it became the new normal. From the end of the street comes a light, a torch perhaps. She stops faster than a bullet into steel, heart pounding. Funny. Once the darkness of the night is complete there is nothing more terrifying than light. She pastes her body to the cold dark wall behind and takes out her gun, removing the safety...

daisy described this, February 10, 2015.