By 2018 the world saw a cooperative movement of the likes never seen before. We'd had it backwards all along - we'd thought of ourselves as sheep and corporations as our masters, too big to change. But in a flash the people mobilized, sheep no longer. The corporations wanted our money and we didn't need most of their products. They wanted every dime plus the lint from our pockets and we told them to stick it. If they couldn't prove they were ethical, that they weren't damaging our only home, Earth, the money stayed in our pockets. Of course we bought flour, rice, eggs, the staples - but we learnt how to make tasty food from the basics again. We considered it our God given duty to scrutinize every purchase. Did we need so many plastic products? Should we buy anything destined for landfill in less than a year? Why buy children products that are destroying the planet they, their children, their grandchildren need to live on?

After that the corporations weren't the masters anymore, and that was just the start. We wanted our government back, we wanted it to protect not only our own interests but that of the environment also. We didn't need their advice, we already knew what to do: love thy neighbour, be kind to animals, don't harm the Earth, eat mostly plants, be good parents and citizens. We began to barter more and trade, the less we used the corrupt money system the more we liked it. The arts blossomed and skilled craftspeople could make a living again. Finally we could hold our heads high again, we didn't tolerate child labour and we worked to cut our own pollution to minimal levels.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 23, 2015.

By 2015 the world was saturated by fear and the only folks who knew how to speak the language of Love were the corporations. In a culture deliberately saturated with fear those that abused the language of Love for their own greedy ends prospered. The "news" was a small selection of the most horrific stories from around the globe, spliced with confusing economics and a feel good story. But when we walked into a bank there was calming music, smart people in suits smiling at us, asking how we were - people who were organized and efficient.

It was the old "carrot and stick" routine, fear behind and reward in front. But what were these rewards? Empty fake love from the abused workers, desperately eating junk food that would kill us and chasing our own vanity? In the "heaven" of the elites our place was to be the disposable drones who mindlessly consumed, their place was to live in pampered palaces, insulated from the misery they caused - snickering and feeling superior.

The link between induced fear and consumerism was well known and even written about, documented as if it were merely another academic subject. It is the way of psychopaths to tell you how they are dominating you, they want you to know they have you corralled. As our fear intensified and our minds began to "sleep," anaesthetizing us against the loneliness inside. In their contempt for our intelligence and in their own greed they intensified the fear until we saw the cage.

Escape was as simple as turning off the television, turning off the news. We listened to Love songs, songs of hope. When we became the hands and feet of Love the future was already won, we smiled and kept walking, free. There was only joy ahead, only Love, only Laughter, we walked together and allowed Love to guide, to heal us. If you could save the world by listening to love songs would you do it? As things turned out He'd been calling to us from Love songs for decades. I can't tell you what a joy it was to hear His sweet words.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 7, 2015.

Authored by Daisy, here.