It stood in the open, the hight priest of construction...The supporting tower was bolted into a massive block of concrete. It was very narrow - once he squeezed through the iron girders, he could reach and touch all four sides. A ladder ran straight up the center...After two hundred and fifty rungs, the tower narrowed. Alex could see the crane's control cabin directly above him...There was a trap-door over his head, leading into the cabin...He found himself in a square metal box about the same size as a sit-in arcade game. There was a pilot's chair with two joy sticks - one on each arm - and instead of a screen, a large floor-to-ceiling window...A small computer monitor had been built into one corner, and at knee level, there was a radio transmitter.

By james, May 10, 2012.

Found in Alex Rider, Point Blank, authored by Anthony Horowitz.