His breath rasping in his lungs awoke me again for the seventh time tonight. I rolled over and worriedly glanced at his face. The pale moonlight cast a deathly pallor on his features and I could see his chest struggle to rise beneath the covers. He still slept as if nothing was wrong, but I knew better. I could see how he struggled silently the past few days, even though he tried to hide his suffering from me. I quietly took his rough big hand in mine and held it tight as if I could keep him with me forever just by holding his hand. But I knew I couldn’t. I pulled him to me and lay there with my head on his chest listening with pain as he drew breath after strangled breath. “Please,” I begged the silent darkness as cold tears fell uncontrollably down my cheeks, “Please don’t leave me, I need you.”

By twilightlover77, January 9, 2018.