As the teacher you did one other sneaky thing, did you see it? You sent the compliant one away to bring in the “big guns.” Divide and conquer, very useful, and it has been for eons. Religion has been the finest tool for that, we can all be set against one another with the crudest of manipulations. Want some free-will back? Stop hating people of other religions, they’re just trying to find their way in a confusing world just like you are. Men vs. women - stop it, just stop. We are born into families of male and female, how can you say disgusting things about your son’s gender, about your daughters? Then there is generational conflict. The teenagers are entitled and shallow? And who’s generation had been in charge of their media, the adverts they see? Which generation should have protected them from these harmful messages? Yeah, that would be mine. But we are the ones still best placed to help them, how? Because we are the prime earners with the disposable incomes.

So you know what? If they want my dollars they’ll have to start fixing things for the earth, for the kids, for families and local businesses or I will keep everything but what I need to spend of the basics in my pocket. I can bake, I can cook from scratch, I can grow vegetables and I can shop at local stores instead of mega-corp. There is nothing in a dollar store I can’t live without. I can refuse to hate and instead show love. I can turn off the news, ignore adverts. I want my free will back and I can’t have them filling my head with their crap twenty-four seven to stop me thinking. I find more educational content in the Simpsons and South Park than the news.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 11, 2015*.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.