He was surrounded on four sides by girders and pipes blackened with oil and dirt. Thick steel cables hung down, some of them humming as they carried their loads. Looking down he could see a seemingly endless square tunnel illuminated only by the chinks of light from the doors that slid open and shut again as other elevators arrived at various floors. Somehow the breeze had made it's way in from the street, spinning dust that stung his eyes.

By james, May 10, 2012.

Found in Alex Rider, Point Blank, authored by Anthony Horowitz.


Looking down the elevator shaft Eric almost lost his nerve. Yet if he didn't get down there his options for escape were limited. There were metal walls on every side, cables and a counter weight. Then there was the elevator itself, a black box moving up and down at the mercy of the buttons. One slip and he'd be nothing but a bad smell they'd locate next week after his rotting corpse made the shaft putrid. Then as he stared at his personal abyss with the light only penetrating through the cracks of the doors, an idea occurred to him. If he just called the elevator he could then ride down on it. He just had to hope that someone wanted to get on a few floors down.

By terripotts20, October 18, 2014.