Ronald stood on the city threshold. One step over and five uniformed guards in full face visors would wrestle him to the ground. He'd be breathing in the loose soil fragments with a jackboot on his back. But there was no way out of this. Anya was within those walls and the only way in was being frog-marched to the holding pens with a bag over his head. That's what they did to the outsiders who dared trespass. This was his fate. His fate to rescue the only girl who had ever shown him kindness, always slipping him some of her rations. When he'd asked her why she said it was because he was a head taller than the other boys and that he must get hungry. He hadn't realized what she meant to him until she was gone. It was common for girls to be snatched this way, the bureaucrats knew that once their hired thugs were back within the walls no-one was coming looking. And that had been true...until now.

By james, November 2, 2014.

At last Fate, like an overtried mother who is sick of giving gentle hints to unheeding children, brought down her hand heavily upon them.

By descriptionari, July 2, 2012.

Found in Wanderfoot (The Dream Ship), authored by Cynthia Stockley.


Fate was as cruel as death, which was something Sonia knew first hand. They were the demons in her life, the ones that held onto her neck so tight they squeezed the air out of her. Yet she figured that at least fate would get tired of suffocating, that its clutches would numb. Love was like that; when it got in its strongest, it always weakened and eventually let go. Even so, love was powerful, but fate was unstoppable.

By Nicole Batista, February 21, 2016.