Harvey won enough votes to become president and CEO. After informing his predecessor he was out, he came directly to my office, with Joe Manly, a security guard. He walked briskly, leaned over the front of the desk. “I told you over two years ago that I would be CEO, and now, just as I told you then, “You’re are fired. Clear out your desk, and Joe will see you out of the building. Give him your company ID badge, and your card pass.” I looked at him as he turned to walk a victory march out. I didn’t think I could hate him anymore, but at that moment, the intensity of my hatred for that man jumped to wanting to see him dead. As I gathered up 12 years of collected items, and put them into a box, I held my tongue. Every so often, I looked at Joe, the security officer. He stood there, hands folded in front of him, slightly smiling. He watched my every move. Joe was always friendly when I checked in each morning, and when I left at night.
Was he glad to see me go too? Outside, after I placed the box in the trunk of my car, Joe handed me a jump -drive. “You’ll be interested in this. Call the owner and play it for him. You could be back in two weeks, tops.”
’’What’s on the jump-drive, Joe?”
“Harvey Morris has many secrets. It’s all on the drive. Call the owner today. Share the contents. See you soon. Sir.”

By wmack99, June 28, 2017.