I nervously creeped into the dark pizzeria. "Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza: a magical place where kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life." It didn't seem very fun in my opinion. It seemed spooky. But I needed the money, the first person I saw on my first night working was the cleaner. "Hello, excuse me?" I asked, "Do you know where the security guard office is?". The guy looked up at me and dropped his mop. He was in the middle of cleaning the floor when he warned me. "Run, get out now. You have no idea how dangerous this place is for a security guard. I heard the last one got killed by..." The man dropped his voice to a low whisper "... By Golden Freddy." Who? Why wasn't this man congratulating me on getting a job here? Why was he telling me to go away? Well, I need this job. I'm staying. "Look, mate, just tell me where it is. This place couldn't of been that dangerous if you're allowing kids here." I got really agitated now. He stayed silent but pointed me in the direction to my office. There must be something about this place that is luring me in. I was attracted to it's secrets, if this place had any. What is so dangerous about a pizzeria anyway? I walked throughinto the main dining area, three robot teddy's were on a stage. A duck, a rabbit and a bear. When I said duck, the duck robot's eyes moved. Umm, I suppose it isn't a duck. Maybe that thing was a chicken. Anyway, those things were really scary and were starting to spook me out. I looked at my watch. 11:30. Only half an hour until my career starts properly. I sat down at a chair. The place was dark. I looked at a little laptop infront of me. There was the time, and the camera options. I clicked on camera 1a. It showed me the stage, there were the 3 animatronics. I noticed someting in the corner of my screen. 98%, did that mean how much power I had? Why would a place like this run low on power? I shut the computer to preserve it. 12:00 am. Suddenly, a phone rang. Where is it?

By Awesome Purity, March 1, 2015.