Our neuro-lingual chaos theory can be summarised thus. To restore order to the world it is essential to stablise lore via the reemergence of love, truth, logic and self control via role modelling. Here the activation energies required to rebuild the prefrontal cortex are lowered and those required for negative acts that boost the primitive centres are raised. Thus the lore of society is similar to an enzyme in biological systems, it is a catalyst for change in either direction. Free will still exists as it did before, the change is that people are boosted in their ability to make good loving choices that enhance positive chaos - in this way we neutralise negative chaos to bring a robust kind of order that is flexible, lasting and enhances human creativity and intelligence. The study of chaos theory and lore offers an exciting future for humanity, one that will eventually lead to a reduced need for law and the kind of rigid approach that ignites negative chaos pathways. People evolved to prefer making choices with a sense of freedom and choosing chiefs they believe in as wise people and this must be respected otherwise the energies will again lead toward negative chaos.

For the restabilisation of society the ideas that are based in love and truth offer a real sense of safety. Be careful with amygdala jacking, use it as salt on a dish as needed. Those in the grip of negative chaos are as worried sheep and often times a careful bark at the right moment can get them "home" safe and sound. Keep in your thoughts the effects of role modelling on lowering activation energies for actions, word connections and the triggering of brain chemistry/subunits (including all their puns and subunit phonetic cousins). This is the unity of all subjects of human study, this area of social evolution requires them all. Practitioners must be well schooled in philosophy too, to be able to see concepts beneath words and endure that the supreme first principle at play is always love.