Staying focused solely on the white serpent, Mike stepped backwards slowly. Each step was a fight against the uneven orchard floor trying to trip him. There is nothing more fearsome than being confronted by an angry goose. Wings spread, beak open hissing venomously, it waddled forward dancing to his lead. Mike spun around to run, only to realize he was surrounded. The geese had silently shepherded him into their trap.

By mikeb, November 19, 2013.

Your Aunt Amy was walking slowly along on the lookout for some bird or animal who might be in the mood for story-telling, when she heard an angry hissing, which caused her to start in alarm, thinking a snake was in her path, and, to her surprise, she saw two geese who were scolding violently in their own peculiar fashion.

By mikeb, November 18, 2013.

Found in The Gray Goose's Story, authored by Amy Prentice.