Cold sores are herpes, they are the same virus regardless of if they are on the lips or down below. Indeed, you're more likely to get the virus from a kiss or oral sex than from sex. Eighty percent of US adults have the virus, and it can be broken down into type 1 or type 2, but increasingly these distinctions are seen as pointless. Either one can infect either place. So, since the 20% without it are either not sexually active or in longterm relationships, pretty much all of the adult population who are dating carry the virus... and you can have it without symptoms, so many are unaware they have it. So, for a start, be careful, only be physical with a person you want to stay with for life. Second, even kids can have coldsores from a well intentioned kiss from an adult relative. So, whether you get coldsores or not, let's be a bit more grown up when it comes to the word "herpes" - it is the coldsore virus and the vast majority of adults have it.

The best way to be safe is to abstain until you feel that you have met "the one." Then in future generations nobody will have the coldsore virus or any other that is transmitted by kissing or sex. And if you do get it, it is fairly benign, maybe you'll only ever get one cold sore, maybe once a year... and if the "cold sore" is down below, you'll probably only get one in your lifetime. Added to that, medications take it away immediately anyway. So while it does stay for life, and prevention is the best option, the virus becomes dormant and your life goes on as normal.