It was the easiest job in the world, bring two pieces of metal through tight security onto a plane. Easy peasy. Each was a weapon, a knife and a gun. He quickly moved through security. He knew a few secrets about the x-ray machines but he would never tell a fly about them. Now for an eight hour flight to Mexico. When the plane was over the sea he walked towards the cockpit. He knocked one of pilots unconscious and stabbed the other. The plane was his. He flew into the air space of a private jet that held the CEO of a major multinational corporation. He put on his wing suit and jump out, landing on the other plane and cut a hole in the roof. Immediately he jumped in and began shooting. The pilots, then some body guards. Everyone was taken by surprised. By the time he ran out of bullets he had killed everyone but the CEO. With one flick of his knife his mission was finished and his bank balance doubled.

By magmabuzz, November 4, 2014.