The two most powerful words in the world are “I believe.” If you say “I believe” out loud, you unleash extraordinary powers for darkness or for light. Once those words pass through your mouth in the light of day, they travel on into your immediate surroundings like invisible bullets. These bullets split to enter the ears of others nearby, and they travel back inside your brain. In a split second, they have become much bigger words that you could have imagined. Since those words can heal and build up, or they wound and tear down, one must be careful what he/she adds to those two words. “I believe” that I am going to have a great day” puts one’s life on track for an amazing day. On the other day, if one says, “Oh no, “I believe” it’s going to be another lousy day, immediately; the air grows gray and forbidding, and one’s direction nose dives. “I believe” that I will do well on this test, allows precious study to proceed on course without paralyzing fear. So, go ahead and say, “I believe,” only be careful what you add to those two words.

By wmack99, October 11, 2016.