The cloak was for more than just invisibility. It shunted you into an space between realities so that you could not be detected in anyway at all, yet you could look in on the scene like a child peeking through a door crack.

By tammygrey, October 21, 2014.

Me and my brother Joel crept around the corner where my parents were talking. We were under our invisibility cloak. It was neon orange, but my momma had sworn that it would make us invisible! As we crept towards the cookie jar, she walked into us.

Oh, it's my invisible boys! she said. "And what are you doing?"

"Nuthin'"I replied. "Gee, you always seem to find us when we're invisible."

"You just need to be quieter!" she said, smiling. "Now, run off and go scare your father. I'm sure he won't expect you two being invisible!"

By dino, October 30, 2014*.

Light, silvery, silky, like water woven into cloth, smoother than silk, light as air (J.K. Rowling), hooded, falls all the way to the floor, no reflection, able to get up to mischief, still see footprints, still hear noises, wear quiet shoes, no sneezing.

By angela, February 28, 2012.

The cloak had been made in the time when magic flowed like water over the mountain rocks. Golden in the sunlight and moving far slower than water, the magic had been free to use and the people had prospered. Then one day an army arrived to take possession of the spring. The locals could have won, they had forged magical cloaks and rings, but they were pacifists. When the soldiers approached the spring became no more than a trickle of water. The magic never returned to the world and the only remnants of it are rumoured destroyed by their makers to prevent their mis-use. But this black woollen cloak survived, it glowed like it had internal sunshine. Golden rays played over it's surface running in and out of the pores in the weave. When it was lifted into the air it weighed nothing all, not even a gram. When placed over you the invisibility was absolute, you left no footprints, made no sounds and had no odor. You became like a spirit, only your body was still solid.

By lisemora, October 21, 2014.