Fantasy / Paranormal

Judge me and I will judge you. Love unconditionally, seek to understand, to show compassion and I will do the same. What you give out, expect to receive. Should you err, earn forgiveness. You are the sum of your actions, no more or less. All stand equal. Seek to sow peace and love, to take hardship on yourself rather than make another bare it. Ease suffering and I will ease yours. Mistakes are only black marks if you fail to learn by them, by self deception or other flaw.

If you have been a bully, a tyrant, an abuser; I don't love or want you unless I see complete remorse to your very bones. Prove you would walk on bleeding stumps with no promise of redemption just to say you are so sorry, still accepting death and punishment. Fear is a reason to be brave, a chance to show nobility of spirit. Discomfort is an opportunity to show your compassion, to be fully human and see the other completely. Pain is an opportunity to learn about suffering, to become more empathic, yet never welcome it. Envy and jealousy are poison, embrace the talents of others and rejoice. Greed robs from the mouths of the hungry and wears thin the souls of the greedy. I have no need for swollen kings and queens.

The power of love was given to each as a birthright, a moral compass within. Yet with free will you can choose to run with the demons, to hurt and bully the angel souls - the sensitive children of my light. Learn by the example of the soft and gentle, pray that you can become more like them. If you truly want heaven on earth, paradise, be nice, kind, humble, eternally giving of the self and embody the power of love. Respect Mother Earth and love the generations to come more than yourselves.

I am love, I am merciful, but I am also wise. I see to your core like an x-ray machine sees bones. I see every choice, every emotion, every conflict, every pain. Only choices to walk with the demons, a willing departure, a feeding on the delight evil can bring - a love of power - will condemn you

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 28, 2016.

I stopped judging the people around me when I met the girl who I labelled as a 'baddie' in an eating disorder clinic. I was scared at first because I only thought of her being a harm to me but the more time passed, the more I realized why she was like that and I cannot blame her. I see why she does the things she do and I'm not even mad about it. I can't imagine going through what she has. Instead of seeing her as selfish and bad I started to see her as strong and brave and I'm so glad I did because now she will always be the person who made me feel like I wasn't alone.

By Julia Borg, February 5, 2019.