When I walk in Joseph is juggling apples. Of course they aren't all the same, he's picked one of every colour in the store. This is how he relaxes, loosing himself in the moment, watching the apples arc through the air and back to his hands. Not long ago he dropped them all the time, but in recent years they sail through the air with no chance of ever getting a bruise. Sometimes I walk by and just swipe one out of the air - just to her him cry in mock protest. Other times I sneak up behind him and shout real loud to shock him, make him drop the lot, but that rarely works anymore. So instead I just fetch an orange and add it in – then I sit back with a coffee and watch him. He works that bit harder to keep them all in the air until he can aim the new addition at my head. He got me a few times, but I'm getting better at dodging.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 10, 2015.