"My key to weight loss," said Annabelle, "is laziness. For real. I'm too lazy to weigh and measure either myself or my food. I don't wanna think about it all day - that's effort! I don't wanna talk about it - more effort! I wanna do my normal life, get on with my career, housework, relationships... watch way too much tv... So lazy is best. I butter one slice of bread instead of two and have an open sandwich with lettuce on the top. I sit for a few minutes for a breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks are an effort I'm not prepared to make. Drinks are okay though... I'm a fan of warm drinks... maybe that's my inner baby... Anyhow, that said, I do yoga for the whole body for up to an hour a day and I guess that's effort but it's way less effort than running or a lot of other sports, you barely sweat and you stay in great shape for rather little effort. I just can't be faffed with making what I eat the centre of my universe, I mean, wow, even my exams weren't the centre of my life when I sat them. So, maybe lazy is your key too? Good luck. This post has been a lot of effort..."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 26, 2020.