Gorgono pierced me with his slanting green, clear eyes, heavy-lidded, extending one claw and attempting to keep it from shaking while his pointed ears stood up straight.

By mikeb, December 19, 2012.

Found in futuria fantasia, authored by Ray D. Bradbury (as editor).


The lizard was utterly still at first. It's greenish yellow hue helped it to blend with the desert ground cover and flora. No doubt it was warming itself while it waited for prey, quite oblivious to the advances of two hungry travellers. I sent Peter round to it's other side with a stick while I kept the hunter knife poised in my outstretched hand. The lizard swivelled an eye in my direction like a security camera. I froze. Peter froze. The lizard remained where it was for a few seconds and then it's reptilian body scurried away, it's back bone snaking from side to side and it's tail flicking. In moments it had buried it's head in the sand and used all four legs to power it's body the surface to hide. Then all that poked up was a pair of nostrils. That trick might work on a lot of predators, but not us. Not when we hadn't eaten all day.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), October 31, 2014.