Stay with me for every moment of my life. May my every breath be linked to yours. At first, I wasn't so sure, but when difficult times came, I understood our love. Our connection. Now that you've come, lemme tell you one thing, as you're near me....
May I lean my head against your chest, and keep listening to my name beating in your heart. I have written the will of my life in your name. I just want to be with you for life. Stay with me.
Let me draw a line using your fingers, in the sky. Half's yours, half's mine; we both will be the richest in the whole world, with our love. Being distant from you is not my forte, so let us go for a world tour together. You'll see the wonders of the world, and I'll see the wonder of my world- 'YOU'.

By disha_2007, June 11, 2020.

Her love is a unicorn, but he never believed in unicorns, and so that was both the start and end of their story. Somethings are only real if you believe that they are.


Before you I always considered alternative lovers. I was faithful. Yet there was always a plan B. Now, even without you, neither in promise nor bodily presence, there is only my love for you. Should you evaporate as water into the sky, that will remain true for all of my days. And so now, for the first time in my life there are no plans at all... because you must be free. Love must be free. So all plans stop. It is as if my soul has stopped the search it has been on for a time that feels like forever, as if it no longer sees nor seeks a path, yet sits on soft grass upon a gentle hill. It was the simplest thing for you, with your eyes and voice, your touch and sexy confidence to take what no other ever could. It's not that I didn't want them to, I've wanted a love such as this for forever, it's simply that they weren't able to, as if my soul was in a different room and they didn't have a key. You had it though. You had it as if God put it in your pocket with a whisper and a four leaf clover. In a way, when I met you I was stunned. My soul had been alone so long it was almost unsettling to suddenly have company. To find or seek another would be condemning myself to a lifetime in darkness, knowing full well what I hid from myself before. We can never go back can we? Once we have felt the real thing. So. All these miles away with the memories of our brief time together. It's all so silly. It's all so real. It's all so frustrating. It's all so painful. I wouldn't have it any other way. Though if I could wish for a magic carpet to bring you here, I would. I'd wish it and wait by an open window.


Meeting you was a fate, being your friend; a choice. And falling in love, was bound to happen. You are the one who paints my world. You are the one who keeps me shielded, defends me from the brutality. You are the one I will die a thousand times for.

I chose you, and I am willing to repeat the action over and over. A million times over. I hurt you several times, yet here you stand, kissing me, like I am your hope. My icy heart melted by your fire, and embraced yours with the flutter of wild feelings I felt. Could anyone ever feel, or understand what we've been through? No, most certainly not. Thy pain is mine. I feel your pain raging in my soul, and turning my veins to ash. Not puppy love, I think. It's a match made in heaven. I feel incomplete without you. Every time I look at you, I feel love and inspiration coursing through me. How destiny writes fates, I see. You are my treasure. You taught me to dream fearlessly, and love limitlessly, though you didn't know what love is. I cherish you. Want to spend a lifetime with you. I worship you. I need you by my side, hooking fingers with mine. and together we will face the challenges life gives us.

By disha_2007, May 12, 2020*.

The true enemy of love is when emotional indifference takes command of logic; for only when love takes command of logic can good choices be made. Indeed, love in command of both our higher logic and our primitive drive is humanity’s hero-mode.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 24, 2020.

Found in Nexus; A Treatise to Defend Love as Mankind's Answer, authored by Angela Abraham.


If you can love and make love neither master nor aim, yet rather let it become the tranquil waters in which the child-self may heal and play, your love will be eternal.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 16, 2020.

Show me those open and loving eyes, for they are the door to my own soul. Touch me with those gentle hands and I am made anew, not as clay, but as if my body were reborn in its most perfect form. And so, in this love there is a deep gratitude, a sense that what is given is sacred and transient, passing in time into the eternal cycles of living.


The depth of the sky's blue is as our love, that only over the years to we notice the strength of the hue. Up close it is as clear as pure water, yet when we see the miles it is the blue of fairytale dreams.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 17, 2019.

In a world of endemic sickness, where cruelty is the cause and love the antidote, the patients declare themselves doctors and seal the fate of the world.


As Aristotle alluded to, a man who does not enjoy the act of doing good deeds is not a good man; thus, for a virtue to exist as a virtue, it must stem from love and thus love must be the supreme virtue from which all others branch.


The world has a broken heart and all the money man can invent will never fix that. Our problems may seem as a "Goliath," yet love is our stone and any good heart can be a "David." Only love can heal our world, love between we brothers and sisters, all over the world.


Times changed. So did people. And so did their conditions.
Your arrival changed my life. And bit by bit, I drowned in thoughts of you. Wait for me, with some excuse, won't you? There is something in my heart. Its arbitrary. I wish you would come to me anytime I would hunt for you!
I rejoice you. Cherish you. Give me a chance to worship you, please! I love you!

By disha_2007, May 28, 2020.
Romance / General

Isn’t it funny, that if I had made a different decision I wouldn’t be here now? If I had put a different answer on that sheet, my fate would’ve been written in different ink. Because if I was sat here in a different universe, without you by my side, I would have never become complete.

By matilda, June 16, 2019.

As sunlight enters raindrops and emerges as rainbows, so love enters the soul of each person and emerges as their passions in the arts, in science, in nature... in whatever sparks their curiosity and drive. It is how they find their truth and purpose. It is how they give of themselves to others. Love is what makes us who we are, it is the energy that brings us to life.


Some call it bewitched; I call it love. For there is a emptiness in the freedom of being alone and a liberty in being caught in that divine spell. And so when I see in his eyes the feelings of my heart, we become one... and if that isn't magic then I cannot say what is.


Love is sweet, yet more as fresh fruit than candy or confectionary. Love is colourful, yet more as summer blooms than the neon lights of frenetic city streets. Love is steady and forgiving, yet more as the wise mother than the servant in chains. Love hears and speaks with the wisdom of the heart, with a sense of the soul of the other. In love we have our "forever home" and it gives us the ability to fly so freely, joyfully returning when each heart calls for the other's touch.


Because your love is so whole, my missing pieces appear. Because your touch carries such passion, what was scarred becomes soft once more. Because you are steady and patient, my open wounds have time to seal and vanish. Perhaps that is why they say love is such magic, this gift from the universe, this sweet addiction to the man I was born to find. For with my twin soul, the only other born in the same flame as I, we are able to bathe one other in warmth and light as easily as we breathe, immune and oblivious to darkness.


I love you like you're the last of my kind. It is as if you speak the same language as I, yet no other is able. To be around you is like finally not being alone - as if all my life I've been isolated, in a windowless room, in a doorless room... and then suddenly you walk in as if strolling over a summer meadow. How is that you are so much more than sunshine? How is it you breathe life when no other can? Why is it you are my medicine? Who could love me more than you? So, my love, know this - while I breathe I am yours in mind, body and soul.


Love is the answer to world problems because it reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, which alters brain architecture for the better.

Lower stress and fear is the answer to world problems because it heals the brain to a better architecture and enhances the ability for love and nurture.

Creating conditions for the healing of the brain is the answer to world problems because healed people soothe others, reducing cortisol and spread more love.

Start in faith, science or humanity - the answer stays the same.

Romance / General

I believe that each of us deserve a chance at love. And I know it sound silly that there’s someone out there for everyone but I believe in love. Now I know some say there’s no such thing as true love, that it all ends in heartbreak and pain, but I think that’s the beauty of it. To have something so perfect for such a short while, and then for it to disappear into nothing. It’s an endless loop, never ending, always on the move. You never know where it will take you. That's the thing about love, it's so beautiful and mysterious and magical. I believe we all deserve a chance at love, because we all deserve something magical. And for me, my magic started at a simple coffee shop down the road from school...

By sophie saunders, July 12, 2018.

I will love you,
Like the sky,
Loves the birds,
With open hands,
And infinite freedom.


"If you personify love even in times of trouble, of hardship or war, then you are truly one of the mighty. I see how no matter the stresses laid upon you, that you show more grace than many do in times of plenty. It is in those moments of pain and fear I see right to your soul and know that my faith in you, my love for you, is eternal.You are brave, kind, always giving of yourself. I want you to know that I will be the same for you; I will be your mirror, bring you what you give others - true love, the lasting kind."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 14, 2016.

Love, I'm not perfect, but I'd follow you into hell if that's what it took to keep you safe. I am your protector as you are mine, one to shield the other. After keeping children safe, as all adults must, not a single soul comes before you. So I'll stay with you as you stay with me, trust in you as you trust in me, and together we'll ride through every storm, waiting to see what the new dawn may bring.


"You said that my love wasn't like a new song, but like opening a book and finding a language you'd never seen before. I want you know that I feel the same way. Your love is something beautiful; meeting you is like meeting an enigma. I don't know how you exist in this world yet you do. So let me tell you now - I will always love you in mind, body and soul. You are the trap I've been wanting to fall into my whole life; liberty from you would simply be an infinite prison. I am the softness you seek and you are the cradle for my head and heart."


"Love, dearest Clementine, is not a spoken language at all, so listen not to tongues of silver. Love is in kind deeds, thoughtful actions, truthfulness, trustworthiness and self-sacrifice. Within that definition of love lies true passion, not at all the same thing as lust - a transitory satisfaction for the 'hungry ghost' soul. Know this, sweet child, and you'll have more love than your heart can hold even in the 'slim' years."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 31, 2015.

I love you. That means I would defend you with my life even if the odds were insurmountable. It means I will comfort you in the difficult and painful times. It means I will dance and rejoice with you when times are good. It means I will never betray you, never give up on you. It means finding my fire when you, my loved one, is threatened, yet never waging war - only doing what is necessary for a noble defence. Love says I forgive you when you err. Love says though life may test me I am yours into eternity and I will never abandon you. It means I will never put you in danger no matter how noble the "cause" may be. Love means protecting the earth, protecting humanity, being kind to animals, but should anyone demand your life to save their own I will tell them to rot in hell. There can never be a higher calling to me than protecting and caring for those I love. Love is not a concept for sheep, for sheep run at the first sign of fear; it is a concept for lions, so be brave my love and know that I am here.


"To kill you and me, there would only ever have to be one bullet."


"Like my father before me, I am a force of nature, born to love like a hurricane - to rip out what is rotten so that new growth has a solid footing."


There's a reason love is invisible, undetectable with anything but our minds. We aren't evolved enough to be trusted with it. We'd try to engineer it, alter it, use it, weaponize it. Aren't there always great reasons to do immoral acts? Or are they excuses to allow us to follow our more basic desire for dominance? Power addiction is always the wrong route to escape fear. The only way to understand love is to feel it, embody it, embrace it. The power of love will always be greater than any other and the keys to reality will only ever be given to true students of the only master.


Every baby is born to seek love and that makes love the default setting, the basic operating system, of every human mind. That's why we're all good underneath no matter what cultural or religious operating systems are laid over the top. That's why there is no truer language than the language of love and no stronger power than the power of love.


Love quotes inspire, golden strands of truth in an age of cynicism. Yet for me they can never adequately capture the strands of emotion that tumble through the air whenever my my heart turns to you.

Love after all transcends time, distance and even mortality. Love is the greatest wonder of our age, weightless and invisible as it is. The wordsmith brings a beauty to the love, elevates it yet sometimes this very pedestal brings us to romantic notions too heady for ordinary life.

I love you like the nascent leaves of spring love warmth; I love you like the ancients loved the night sky; I love you like a cool draught of water on a summers day. Love cannot be fireworks for an entire lifetime, though we've had our share. Love must flow quietly, peacefully, always remaining strong.

Love is nothing like finance, we don't give a certain amount to get something back; we simply give. Love doesn't lead us to chide or sulk when we feel the lack of it from our partner. It shows us how to bring life and fire back to their soul, to love them back to their true selves and wellness. So, do I adore quotations of love? I do; but for me love is more... it is the greatest power we can ever know. Anything else is a cruel and empty distraction.


“True love” is a mother sitting at the dining room table as she maneuvers
finances like a general planning a battle. If she wins this battle, both her boys will capture new shoes. True love is a husband taking on a second job because the medical bills are outrageous. True love is a child running in the front door at the end of the school day with a drawing of her mother. The drawing shows “Mom,” round faced, curved smile, and for eyes, dots with eyelashes. True love is mother dropping everything in order to take care of things while her grown up daughter recovers from the flu. A friend’s true love? Helps you move. “Doing love” is a love so real and held so deeply that it needs neither tears nor laughter, but ends up with oceans of tears and mountains of laughter. “Feeling love” eventually evaporates, while “doing love” lasts through the hard times. Most of “true love” is “doing” rather than “feeling,” although it feels good to do the right thing.

By wmack99, October 21, 2016*.

There is no perfect lover, we are all flawed, but knowing those flaws and still loving with all your heart creates perfect love. I will never look further than you, my love. If my heart is a flower waiting to bloom, your love is the only sunshine it needs.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 4, 2015.

The bed was soft and warm. Ridley could feel his arm draped over her, more comforting that any blanket she had ever lay under. She was perfumed by his musky scent, as was her nightgown and her bed sheets and when next she slept alone his smell would make her feel safe and warm and happy.

Ridley ran her hand over his back, the soft hairs tickling the tips of his fingers. She could feel the bones through his skin, the vertebrae of his spine looking as though they tried to pierce through his flesh. His skin was rougher than she remembered. Before he was exiled his skin was smooth and almost womanly, but now it was as coarse as the stones that built the castle. His hair had grown so long now; a thick, brown, bushy mess. She clutched it in her hands and could feel the salt from the sea, scratching at her fingers. Long and lank and greasy, but he suited it. They way it framed his eyes, and his now thinned face, made her lust for him more than she remembered.

It was only his eyes that remained unchanged, coloured a grey that was colder than the winter sky, yet she found warmth when she looked deep into them. In his eyes, she saw her reflection. It was her who had changed. Not on the outside, but the inside. She had become jealous of anyone who had found love and bitter towards anyone who laughed.
As she looked upon herself, in his perfect grey eyes glistening with love for her, she knew this wasn’t real. It must be a dream, she told herself, but one I do not wish to wake from. Ridley wanted to stay with him forever. She couldn’t look away, but more than that she didn’t want to. She wanted those eyes to be the last thing she ever saw.

I love you, she wanted to scream. I love you more than you know. I need you and I love you. Please, come back to me. What use would screaming be, she asked herself. He is only a figment of my desire; a delusion of my dreams. He is not real and will not hear me, but I need him to hear me. “I love you”, she blurted as she woke.

By chrism3, June 8, 2016.

Don't tell me who I can and cannot love. Don't put limits on what is or is not appropriate. Take the shackles off love. It does not know geographical or religious boundary, it cannot be confined within one race or culture. I can love the whole world, I can love any person of any age, gender and background. Love flies on indestructible wings and I am blessed to feel it running through my veins.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 3, 2015.

When it feels hardest to give love, it is the most important moment to give without measure.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 15, 2015.

"I think therefore I am" is such intelligence in so few words, yet in this age of A.I. we have changed it. Now we use "I love therefore I am." We can augment reality to the degree that anything you see, hear, do, feel and think can be manipulated. The only true thing left is love, the only thing within ourselves we can trust to be real.


If I ever give up on your love then I have slain myself, for it is your heart that pumps blood in my veins. If I ever grow cold come find me, because then I am truly lost. If I ever recoil at your touch I have harmed my soul and need your forgiveness. With your love around me I will always find my way home, for when fear sets my compass spinning, it matters not which direction I take, only that I keep on walking.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 2, 2015.

In a universe that is coded by divine hand, the only real thing is love - invisible and weightless as it is. That's why it is only love that is the ultimate answer to healing hearts and societies, and love that makes our moral compasses function.


When first I look upon her face, it was not on the perfect features that I dwelled - not the gold flecked green eyes, nor the pomegranate pink lips. Instead it was the small blemishes and insecurities that allured me. The small scar on the forehead, the shy smile, the very slightly crooked tooth. That was the moment I had found the person who was perfectly imperfect for me.

Now, when I look upon her face, I lose myself. All mistakes I have ever made, and there have been many, are gone - every impure thought erased. All negativity is cleansed, almost like a religious experience or spiritual enlightenment. I know her eyes can see through me, but I know they do not dwell on the anger, nor the deceit, nor the selfishness. She looks past every flaw to find the person inside, the real me, and in that moment I know I’m perfectly imperfect for her too.

By chrism3, March 9, 2016.

He had never known what love was until that cold January morning in the hospital two years previously. He had been brought up in foster homes, many of them. He had known kindness, but the negative influences in his life had outweighed the good. That morning he held his new daughter, the mother had given her up to the authorities and named him as father. She was his. The most perfect feeling he had ever known had swept through him. He was rocked to his core, He knew he would do anything in the world for her. He would be her hero, her keeper, the one who gave her cuddles and kept her safe. He would be her Daddy. Now he stood in front of his home restrained by the neighbours as flames licked through the house. The babysitter sat crying on the wet grass. With super human strength he broke free of the grasping hands and disappeared into the black smoke. Either they both came out or neither of them would. He loved her.

By lisarachel, October 30, 2014.

When we were young our love was quite indistinguishable from lust. Our passion bonded us together, our laughter and our good times kept us happy. Then you went away, just for the summer, and I ceased to function as I had before. There was hole, an emptiness where you had been. Everything in the apartment reminded me of you and I would go your clothes in the closet just to smell your musky scent. I missed you. My illusion that we were in a carefree relationship fell away, a future without you was no future at all. You were part of my being, your love had seeped into my skin and rested in my bones. The bond that had been invisible until that moment became obvious, tangible and robust. I had never understood marriage before, but now all I wanted was to promise myself to you for the rest of my life, to honour you, nurture you, keep you in sickness and health. I wanted to wake up with you for the rest of my life, to be your partner, your true friend, your love.

By gregtyson, October 30, 2014.

I have always loved her with devotion and purity; I had in mind that we were going to be together forever. But things... they never stay the same. There comes a dark night after every sunny day. Being away from her made me realize it was never the physical love which made it special, it was something different - a connection between two souls.

As I am surrounded by different people, tasks, I still feel her presence, her smile, her silliness. I'm never with her, but find myself with her all the time anyway. This feeling of being with her makes love worth it.

By M.Hussain Sh.Mustafa, January 23, 2016*.

Don't scare the hell out of people, love the hell out of them, it works way better.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 19, 2015.

There is nothing more important in life than love. Love binds us to one another and to every good deed we do. It is love that keeps us healthy and positively focused. But love, like any other element of life, needs attention to stay strong. We don't attain it and put it aside like money in a bank account.

We shower our children with love and positive reinforcement, we hold our lover dear and remind them in our own special way how deeply loved and appreciated they are. We love our friends, our homes and our communities.

There is nothing else that needs our attention more. None of us will come to the end of our earthly time and wish we spent more days in an office or lost in anger; we'll wish for more time with those we love; we'll cherish our good memories. Love is the most precious commodity on earth; it's free and the more we give the more it multiplies. It is truly the superpower we carry inside.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 1, 2015.

The love that had nestled in his soul and made him a better man now reached out with clawed hand about his neck. He struggled for breath and choked back the tears. His Lucy's auburn hair, now thin and wane, lay in wisps over the hospital pillow. She struggled to open her eyes. He recalled their first meeting, shy and tentative. He recalled their first date, first kiss and their marriage vows. He recalled the sorrow when they lost their first child. Through everything, the good and the bad, they had clung together like two sailors in a storm. He would have laid down his life for her and she would have for him. They were two halves that made a whole. He knew for certainty that the love that had saved him would now break him. He stroked her hand and told her the story of how he fell for her twenty years previously, how she had captured his heart and he had never regretted a single moment of his time with her. Then he kissed her head and told her to go to Jesus, he would see her again.

By tinaray5, October 30, 2014.

Love isn't a throwaway emotion, something to invoke on a whim. It isn't transitory like lust or something to regret like anger. When love is allowed to permeate every action, influence every thought, guide every deed, it leads to an inner peace not attainable any other way. It is the light in every dark night, shining brightly into each recess of the mind, healing, igniting passions that would otherwise have died. Love leads the way to being who we were born to be, people who prize peace, dignity and honour, people who find solutions that work for the many instead of the few. Love is what we must hold for one another, especially when tensions are high, for it is the trapdoor in the prison wall, the only one.


In your words I am safe because they aren't just words. You are there every day, every year. You are there in the good times and the bad. Even knowing my faults, of which there are many, you are there to listen, to defend, to love. You understand my anxieties, my triggers and the ghosts that haunt me, driving actions that are so illogical to others. In return I keep you safe with my words, my deeds. I am the one who will always be there for you, be honest with you, listen and care. I won't always have answers for you, you won't always have answers for me, but you will never be alone in your problems and neither will I. So today I will paint you a picture of my love with words, and then everyday I will prove they are true.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 29, 2014.

Love. When your heart melts like butter on hot toast at the sight of someone. When you feel lightheaded and free. When you ache to be with them, to look at them, to touch them. That is love.

By Lucy Holdsworth, March 30, 2013.

A love that isn't considerate and kind is not love at all. It is merely an emotional attachment. Bonds can be made for selfish reasons or simply fail to mature to real love. For love to be real each partner puts the other first, each treasures the other above themselves. In love we don't hold one another back, we aspire one other to new heights while always being there to catch after falls, pick the other up, set them back on the road to success and happiness.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 6, 2015.

"Love hurts" is the biggest lie out there. Love heals, love makes people whole again and love fills them with the goodness they need to be as kind and loving as their Creator intended. What hurts is betrayal, thoughtlessness, uncaring attitudes and careless gossip. What hurts is people being unfriendly, not welcoming a new person to neighbourhood or making "exclusive" cliques that are defined by who is "not welcome." What hurts is bullying, harassment, selfishness and greed.

Love on the other hand is the greatest gift mankind ever received, a gift that lives on within us all. Love is a gift that needs nurturing - it is the truth within us that knows life cannot be given a price tag. Love knows to be kind and never to hurt or kill. Love knows to treat your neighbour as yourself. Love is what we crave from birth, a craving that must be met by our new and loving earth-bound family. Love knows that a life is worth more than a pair or new shoes or designer makeup. Love is what can save us, make us fully human again and raise us up in the eyes of the Lord.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 16, 2015.

Through love we are the angels or our better natures, able to expel thoughts based in bigotry and prejudice. With love we can walk with open hearts, hearts immune to gossip and slander. With love we walk arm in arm with people from all walks of life, all religions, cultures and gender orientations. We can do all this because love does not know boarders or boundaries and the more we give it away, the more it comes back.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 6, 2015.

...It's true what they say, laughter is infectious. But you know what? I think love is too. But not in the full on laughter kind of way, but in the steady quiet lifetime of dedication kind of way. That's how it is with me and Dan. It didn't arrive slowly though, it was the clap of thunder kind, the kind that slaps you round the face like a wet kipper - kinda rude and shocking. But once you've felt love like that, you can never imagine a life without it. It can't stay as a thunder clap of course, there is laundry to do and bills to pay - but under that everyday monotony the love is still there: warm, cosy and just as real.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 12, 2015.

With words I can draw you close, soothe you until the cage around your heart snaps as if it were made of thin caramel strands rather than rusting iron. With words I can paint you a life you want to live for, a life that your subconscious approves of. With words I can take what is broken inside of you and make it willing to walk the hard road of recovery- not just to wellness, but to thriving and embracing each new day. I know that unless my words are backed up with consistent love, the kind that money can't buy, they will all be as valuable as the print on the newspaper that is charring and burning in the hearth. So I will be there each and every day to talk about the little things, to make you breakfast and watch silly movies with you. I will be there to wrap you in my arms when the bad memories threaten to pull you under again, every time, for always. You don't have to believe me now, I'm not even asking you to, I will prove it everyday, because I love you.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 29, 2014.

It's time to wage Love all around the world with the only arms our creator meant us to have...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 4, 2015*.

Authored by daisy, here.


Poets often describe love as an emotion that we can't control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. That's what it was like for me. I didn't plan on falling in love with you, and I doubt if you planned on falling in love with me. But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me, love like that has happened only once, and that's why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I'll never forget a single moment of it.

By mikeb, May 26, 2012*.

Found in The Notebook, authored by Nicholas Sparks.


There is a deep rooted part of our souls that understands the connection between self-sacrifice and love. By giving so freely of ourselves, more than anyone could ever ask, we speak the true language of love, for love is a language best spoken without words.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 12, 2015.

There is a connection between "beauty" and "love," but not in the way advertisers would have us believe. They tout a form of beauty that is merely aesthetic, something that could inspire lust - a thin replica of love based more in desire and conquest. What they claim to bestow they cannot, for real beauty comes from within; and it is only that form of beauty that can make lasting love connections. True love is a unity of souls, not facial features and products that will be wiped clean away come the evening time. If we truly wish to be happy, to be healthy and grounded, content with who we are, we need to find real beauty in both ourselves and those who share our lives. Finding it begins with a quiet understanding of one other, not demanding perfection but seeking the beauty every person holds within.


When Valentines day came Eddie had so much planned. He woke up early and rolled out of bed, moving softly down the stairs to the kitchen. He moved about the kitchen with the kind of smile on his face that couldn't hide the love that warmed him from within. Twenty minutes later he had pancakes, raspberries and freshly squeezed juice on the side. By the time he got upstairs Carl was only just stirring. He laid the tray gently on the floor and leaned in for a kiss, feeling a tingle spreading from his lips.

"Darling, I have breakfast. Happy Valentines!" Carl opened sleepy eyes and a warm grin spread over his face.

"Eddie, my love, you are intoxicating in all the right ways." After another whiskery kiss Eddie brought up the breakfast tray and set it before him.

"I have a few more surprises after this," Eddie said. Carl smiled with a mouthful of toast, crumbs decorating his beard.

"Not to expensive, I hope." Eddie chuckled and stroked Carl's hair with his hand.

"No, my love, not expensive -just a lot of fun I hope."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 16, 2015.

Love spoke to His angel humans from heaven. "This is a beautiful world and humans are angels. I gave you light within yourselves, it is born into each child. Each child is a gift from heaven to be cherished and loved. Love is the answer, it always was, it always will be.

If you ever stray from the lighted path, remember that Love is the only guide you will ever need - because I Love You, I never left, I live on within you. I can see the light in your eyes and it will burn brightly forever.

You belong to the God that is Love, you belong to the light. I love you infinitely. Never doubt it my angels - you are brave, you are a protectors of the weak. You are always kind to children, you love them in God's selfless way. You only use kind and beautiful words to them and you nurture them gently in God's ways that are Love.

Together humans are the protectors of the earth, they love animals and treat them with the dignity and respect that other sentient beings deserve. You will find ways to run your economies fairly, every person on earth is one of my angels and you must feed the poor, clothe them, Love them.

When you live with Love as your guide, you will never be alone. I am always with You, my darling beings of bright light. You are the stewards of this beautiful planet. I Love You. You are forgiven and free of all sin - guilt is a trap, always seek Love.

I am not vengeful, I do not hurt, I am only Love, I am only capable of Love. That is why you are good, the light of a loving God lives within you and that is what makes you my angels. You must not kill. You must not hurt another living being. Respect yourselves and all life on earth. You are destroying the home I gave you. Now Love one another. Love the Earth and above all else Love your children with dignity and respect. Language is important, to "delight" means the opposite of what you have been lead to believe, always think carefully and with great love - write new books.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 15, 2015*.

Were we ever strangers? I'm not sure we were. That day I first saw you there was something even then, though I didn't know what. I wonder if there's an element of time that allows us to feel a strong love, like an orange glow bursting over a dark horizon. It was light for our eyes only, something to carry us through this life. It was the dawn of the person I am today, the person I was destined to be. I would give up anything in the world for you, I would do anything to keep you safe. Though I work hard to keep you comfortable now and into our old age, I'd rather be poor in money than risk loosing your heart. I recall the day our bond was forged. It was like being let into the warmth after a lifetime of winter. I could never wish to go back to even a day before that. You are the greatest treasure of my life, the one, the only one.


In English, there is only one word for "love." In Greek, there are three. "Eros" is the physical love between a man and a woman. "Philia" is brotherly love, like that of siblings and good friends. "Agape" is a love that gives and asks nothing in return.

All three can be experienced in varying degrees, but each carries great responsibility. Eros must remember that the other is a living, breathing human being, not an object. Philia must not take unfair, selfish advantage. Agape does all those things above and more. Agape is the God kind of love, a love that does not require that the other should meet high standards of beauty, nor of brains, nor of brawn. Agape gives without question nor reason, and in return gets a satisfaction not attainable in other way.

By wmack99, February 6, 2015.

Bill McDonald.


Benny flicked through the pages of the magazine, and as his husband watched, his scowl grew ever more pronounced. "What's up?" said Lionel. Benny closed it and curled it up into a tight tube, tapping it on his knee.

"Oh, it's nothing. Nothing. Say, you wanna go buy some protein shakes? We can hit the mall, get some new jackets, leather I think, shoes too." Lionel wasn't buying it, he knew Benny too well. But saying these things too directly rarely helped.

"Sure, Honey. Say, have you lost weight? You're looking good you know." Benny raised his eyes off the floor to meet Lionel's. He stopped tapping the magazine. His mouth twitched like he wanted to smile. "I can think of an awesome work out we can do together. Of course, if you'd rather go shopping?"

"A work out?" Benny gave up hiding his smile and grinned in that way that melted Lionel's heart every time. "I want to hear more..."


Jen had been hugged before, but never like this since her mother passed. There was something so warm, something that felt right, smelt right. She let her body sag, her muscles become loose. He gave her the respect of an equal but cradled her like a cherished child. In that embrace she felt her worries loose their keen sting and her optimism raise its head from the dirt. Perhaps the hope had been there all along, but without some love it was trapped, like crystals in a stone. She felt him brush her hair back with his piano player fingers and kiss her gently...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 10, 2015.

The girl is like a snapshot out of time. I can see her chestnut hair blowing in the spring breeze, her youthful face turned toward the sun. Though her feet are scarred she still dances, dances like the joy of life within her cannot be tamed. In that purple shirt and jeans she could be anyone, no-one. But to me she is the world itself and without her I cannot enjoy a simple flower or the rising sun. There is nothing I wouldn't do to keep her safe from harm, but I cannot protect her forever. I can only be there when she falls and stand well back while she reaches for the stars.


Love is a pureness of spirit within ourselves, not a license to judge the pureness of others. With love we support without conditions, demonstrating honour, fairness and compassion. We offer gentle guidance to help the other to a happy and fulfilling life and know that judgement is not our domain. We cannot ever fully know the sorrows and triggers of another, we can never truly “walk in their shoes,” but with true empathy and grace we show a love that can heal, a love that can make the world a better place one heart at a time.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 6, 2015.

Love never says "I want." Love asks "What do you need?" Love asks "How can I help you?" Love listens with patience and empathy. Love is demonstrated in how we take action to care and make self-sacrifice where necessary. Love says "Let's thrive together." Love offers a helping hand, a full heart and an open mind.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 13, 2015.

The person behind Claire was a young man, asian, handsome as hell. He was clad in a tight black t-shirt and jeans, all as perfect as the day they were purchased. She could detect the scent of an exquisite cologne lingering in the air. She closed her eyes momentarily and took a small step backwards. The aroma was enough to flood her brain with endorphins, it was heady, perfect. She glanced downward as if to check her charm bracelet and in doing so scanned his hands for a wedding ring, none. With a slow exhale she turned to face forwards again. She considered how to start a conversation: bumping, fainting, dropping something on his feet. Without realizing she had formed a decision she turned, her bracelet now in her hand. Just before release the blonde guy next to him threw his arm around his shoulder. They two men exchanged a doe-eyed look, the slightly repressed grin on one face exactly mirrored on the other. Love. Damn it. She curled her fingers tight around the silver figures...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 24, 2014*.

I know that when tension is high I should inject love instead of anger, give him an olive branch instead of enmity, but sometimes it just isn't that easy with Joel. He gets all up in my face and I get this urge to smack him down but if I do that he'll be gone, lost, hurting. So instead I take all the courage I have and use it to suppress my violent impulses. I soften my eyes and hold out my hand, "Joel, I love you. I love you now and I always will. I'll walk away if you need time to cool down, but if you want to talk instead of shout, I'm all ears." He steams right up my face; he wants a fight but I won't give him one. Doesn't that always lead to damage? Then he tears out of the house, revs up his bike and he's gone. It wasn't the evening I had planned with a movie and nachos, but at least he left with words of love in his ears. As his rage subsides they'll help him heal, calm and come back me as the Joel I love so much.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 15, 2015.

Love and lust are like identical twins, similar on the outside and often mistaken for one another. But on the inside, there is a world of difference.

One is the jangle down your neck when you meet their eyes, the entrapment of your heart from the moment you meet, the locking of eyes across a crowded room. The other is the warm smile that spreads across your face when you see them, the fresh spring that awakens in your heart when they laugh, the amazed wonder you feel when they come up with something new, and amazing.

On the same token,they both have downfalls. One, the lack of the fire that used to drive you, the removal of the perfect mask that a not-so-perfect personality used to lurk behind, the lack of arguments and laughter and anything meaningful at all, really. The other, the arguments, the disagreements, sometimes falling outs, jealousy and anger.

One is worth your time. The other is not.

By rematz, December 24, 2014.

Love is like swimming in a pool full of kittens, cute but still very uncomfortable.

By Tayla Munro, November 12, 2014.



"...One Love! What about the one heart? One Heart!
What about - ? Let's get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning (One Love!);
So shall it be in the end (One Heart!),
All right!
Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right;
Let's get together and feel all right..."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 3, 2015.

Authored by Bob Marley and the Wailers "One Love/People Get Ready", here.


I am a bad parent, I never meant to be. I wonder if it's just what happens when you take a love that strong and mix it up with ambition and fear. Like every decision ever made, they are based on a combination of the facts at hand and the personality involved - core motivation I guess. Ambition and love came together to make pushiness, to drive my kids forwards, and at the same time addressing the fear, reassuring me that they would be happy in the world when I can no longer walk a pace behind them, ready to catch them if they fall. My love was never conditional or time limited, it has no expiry date, but in my failure to adequately transmit that I failed in the worst possible way. All my kids ever needed to know was that I'd love them no matter what they chose to do with their lives, that they were free to make their own choices...


“If you've ever tried to move a full bucket of water you know how much that small amount weighs, now imagine billions of buckets moving with the speed of an express locomotive twenty feet high. It's not something you want to mess with, son. So if you ever hear that siren or see the ocean tide go way out all of a sudden you get the hell out of dodge. And don't even think of looking for mom and me, we'll get ourselves out. You take that motorcycle of yours and get to the high ground. You will have to live without us someday anyhow, but we'd just die without you - whether our hearts were beating or not.”


Once upon a time there was a baby called Einstein, not the famous one, but another. When he was five years old and wanted to know about life the universe and everything. But first he wanted to know what he was made of.

His father sat him on his knee and said you are food, you are water and you are love. Einstein looked thoughtful. Okay, he said. "I can see food and water, but love, can I see that too, Daddy? "

His Dad grinned. "You sure can he said. Everytime I look at you it will be there in my eyes, but most of all it will be felt inside you because that is how God connects to you and He is love. That's what makes all children so special, a gift of love from our Heavenly Father."

Einstein had lost focus, he was watching a dog run up the street without an owner... just as well, his Daddy was welling up and he preferred not to look to soft, a man can have some pride, right?

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 23, 2015.

Authored by Daisy, here.


The significant other sharing this delight, Lucy, gracefully swept the perimeters of the expanse in a dazzling shell-pink gown, greeting the arrival of new guests who congratulated her on her engagement, offering polite conversation to her betters and laughing away with friends. The adoring eyes of her fiancé never left her face, which flushed with good humour and liveliness. His attentive gaze followed her every footstep, the ever-changing shape of her plump lustrous lips, and every single movement of her limbs. All he could think to himself was that he would never meet or even see anyone so beautiful – and not just traditionally beautiful, but beautiful through her heart and through her soul. She glowed brighter than any star in the sky, than any woman in the world.

By Jessica Mao, January 13, 2015.

Cold words of anger chilled their thoughts. Their relationship plunged into winter mode. The conversation, whenever there was conversation, was colored grey, and depressed. Both of them went through the motions of love, without the feelings. When the relationship went totally cold, neither of them could say, only that this was where they lived now. The trip together had not helped because harsh words and even harsher, silent tension.traveled with them. It was not one thing, but it was accumulation of icy encounters. One thing kept their hopes alive. The memory of the summer of their romance and a dream that it would return. They both wanted summer, but neither had found the path yet. Each wished for the bright season, just as one wishes for the sunshine in January. Spring or summer could come any day now...

By wmack99, January 12, 2015.

Bill McDonald.


To love is to live, and all I did was love; but no one ever teaches you that sometimes not loving at all is better than loving the wrong person. He was married, he told me he was unhappy. We would meet at unholy hours and do unholy things. Sometimes, he'd book a room and other times I'd settle for fucking in the back seat of his car. I can still feel his lips on mine sometimes, their warmth and how, for once, I didn't feel alone, but it was wrong. I loved him, still do, and apparently still haven't realised he wasn't mine to love.

By eloise, January 7, 2015.


Junior, my friend, my lover, my foe
The man who tapped into my soul
He inspired and discovered my depth
Transformed my perplexed heart, unruly kept

He unearthed the smile from deep within
I can hardly breathe much less think
His touch on my skin burns like fire
Awakening my fetish desires

He unleashed the passion in my veins
I see a glimpse of heaven when we kiss in the rain
Woe be to this naïve heart so entwined
The man I loved and lost
He was never mine

Written by: Charmaine Wallace

By charmaine, November 10, 2014.

He made me question every promise I ever made to myself. He made me open up when I didn't want to let myself in. He helped me to breathe when I didn't want to anymore and he helped me see that it's okay to fall in love again.

By Paige Keating, April 13, 2014.

Love- such a simple word but such an intricate meaning.

By Paige Keating, April 13, 2014.

When I first saw her I thought she had beautiful eyes and a beautiful spirit. And well I suppose I am here trying to pull off a “Mr.Darcy” but then there is no other way to put it. Today and forever on I believe her to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

By saphirabrightscales, February 20, 2014.

The humidity of my heart increases rapidly. There's no looking back, i've fallen in love with a stern brunette and there's nothing I can do but love him with every ounce of my body as it tingles uncontrolibly. I have to smile because he brought me joy something that i thought was out of my life once and for all.

By gruffol, March 9, 2013.

It is almost as though he is both his adult self and childish self simultaneously. As if he never fully managed to grow up, part of him left behind in childhood, possibly because his emotions, so tightly reined in, could not manage to grow or mature. He still seems to retain the innocence (yet not the naivety) and on occasion the emotions of his childish self, a young boy with outstanding deductive and analytical powers yet still, at heart, a child. A normal child with a sense of adventure, perhaps more pride than most, and maybe...emotion. I find myself wondering when he locked up his emotions and threw away the key, and hoping I can find this key and return it to him, so he can express emotion once again.

By Junaid Hossein, May 28, 2013.

Authored by Eupa, here.


Because when it comes to love, I'm alone. The power of feeling everything so deeply is not the advantage everyone thinks. The pain of him becomes so unbearable. Then I think, what if he doesn't love me, and I quit. My love just lost the will to live. I push away and I stay alone, because when I love you, it's game over. Don't leave or I'll die. So I stay away.

By myownauthor3, March 8, 2015.

What is love? Love is meeting someone that makes you more you. Love is completely opening yourself up to someone, showing off all your weird, all your mess, all your dirty laundry. And them loving you despite all that. They might not agree with you on everything, but they still think you are the most amazing thing to ever happen to this crappy planet. You make the world less crappy for them, and they make it less crappy for you. They make your weird not seem so weird. They make your mess seem less messy. So, what is love. Love is complex. Love is work. Love is dirty. But love is also beautiful. Incredible. Good. Love is something that everyone strives for, not matter how much it may hurt to finally get there. God, love hurts, but it hurts so damn good.

By pepper_anne, February 15, 2015.

You deserve to be a whole menu with dessert and drinks included, not just someone’s leftovers from yesterday.

By purestarlight, February 7, 2015.

Take away the world that deals in money and give me one that deals in love. We need assurance, not insurance. We need to save people, not money. We need to take interest in the well being of our fellow man, not interest on money loaned. The only real "account" is with our creator and he keeps no record of wrongs, only pours out love and asks that we do the same.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 11, 2015.

Love is when you care about someone more than you care for yourself. When you want the other person to have everything they want to have. It does not matter how destructive it is, how it hurts you. It’s love. It’s worth fighting for. When you love someone, you don’t stop loving them. Never. Not even if people call you crazy and stupid and tell you that you should let it go. Especially not then. You don’t give up because if you give up and move on then it would not be love. If it isn’t love, then it’s just another worthless thing.

By Woj paw, February 6, 2015.

Wojciech Pawlik.


There's something about Carey that makes me feel young inside, but not in a childish way. He wakes the pure side of me, the best side, all the facets of myself that only require love to be healthy and whole. An eternity to be with him would be serenity, contentment. Our energies vibrate in such a unique way, each the perfect compliment of the other. I'm not simply "in love," I'm well and truly smitten. Any other could only be a poor reflection, no more substantial than a shadow of the real thing. Carey is what makes my heart strong. His smile alone burnishes my soul into a beauty it could never have achieved on its own. Before we met I was one, now I am a half, yet somehow so much more than I ever was before.


It’s nearly midnight and, I suppose, you are probably asleep. The last thing that will cross your mind is whether miles away from where you live, someone (you barely know) is thinking about you. It’s strange, when I am sitting opposite you, I don’t feel anything but here I sit in my bedroom, thinking about you. Your smile, often vacant from your face, is etched in my head. I barely remember your voice but I remember the butterflies in my stomach when I hear it. The feeling of satisfaction I get when you look at me, that time—the first time—when you looked at me. Perhaps, I’ve been mistaking it for a mutual attraction but deep down, I pray that you feel the same as I do. A million different scenarios play out in my head, on a daily basis, about how we will come together. Right now, I feel like they will come true. But then again, it’s nearly midnight so, perhaps, I’ve lost my mind in dreariness of my life and the drowsiness enveloping my eyes.

By eloise, January 14, 2015.

Oh, hey. I missed you yesterday. Nice to see you. I had the most wonderful idea, I think you’ll like it. We’ve been getting to know one another for a while and I figured I’d move things along a little. So I’ll pay you five bucks to love me, great offer, huh? Hmm. You’re looking like I just offered you a cold bag of vomit for lunch, I don’t understand. Wasn’t it enough? If I give you a hundred dollars will you love me? Still the sickly pallid look, you aren’t making much sense today. Pardon? What did you say? Money can’t buy love? Oh, I suppose not. But don’t worry, my love is always free anyway, I just wasn’t sure about yours. Which reminds me, I was all in a tis about what to talk to you about today, my mind is composing two dialogues at the same time but I have to choose one first, right? Anyway, I’ve been missing my Father so much that I want to take you to His house today. You’re going to love it, especially since you feel the way you do about money not buying love, He hates money!

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 29, 2015.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.


Really, she was mannerly enough to avoid gawking at random strangers. But this boy before her, radiating with nothing but grace, had her enthralled. He was mesmerizing in every way. The faint glimmer of the afternoon sun ghosted over his pale skin and eyes as deep as the heart of the sea. And when those very eyes shifted and finally acknowledged her presence, a surge of understanding had calmed and further mystified her at the same time. From the moment she first laid her eyes on him, she knew he can never be hers.

By haesal, June 4, 2015.
Romance / General

The raven-haired boy is in front of me. We look and stare and said nothing as usual. I cannot help but smile to myself. No words come out from our mouths, not even a smile or a hint of gesture. But one look already shares it all. He is the first one to look away, averting his eyes from mines, and walks pass me, our shoulders hardly brush. I turn around and watch his tall, lean figure fading. He was right here within my grasp when I had him. He seems so distant and vague now, like a shattered dream.
Maybe, in an alternative universe, it was us who were fated.
Maybe, someday, we’d meet again in a different way.
Someday, when we don’t belong to anyone else but to each other, but my heart is always within him in the first place.
Because that look on that raven-haired boy’s face when he smiled was, indeed, priceless.

By reli, June 10, 2015.

It was just a kiss. Not a passionate one on the lips, but a simple cheek kiss. It was just a kiss, but it was one that made her heart beat a million miles an hour ; one that left her weak at the knees ; one that made her brain freeze. It was in this moment that she realised she loved him.

By allybuckley1, June 19, 2015.

I will be patient with you. I will be kind to you. I will never grow angry with you. I will respect you, and I will listen to you. I will never forsake you. I understand that you are not perfect, and I still want to be there for you. You are important to me. I will provide for you. I will protect you. I will be there for you.

Shorter version: I love you.

By phantasydegree, June 23, 2015.
Romance / Contemporary

And it was painful to look at her – to continue writing the story of his life without so much as mentioning the first few letters of her name. But he will always vividly remember, like an angry carving etched on his skin, that at one point in his foggy existence he loved her.

By haesal, July 8, 2015.

Love is climbing into a dark prison just to smuggle in a single spark, for that glowing ember can ignite hope, the olympic torch of the ages.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 15, 2015.

I love you. Nothing else needs to be said.

By biggirlsnevercry, October 7, 2015.

Last night when the touched me, my heartbeat was mild. I realized how natural his hands felt against my skin while the wind continued to squeal silence. Everything was in focus, I had control but two years back, I had wished for something entirely different.

On a cold evening of December when he first pulled me close, I could feel warmth spreading throughout my body. My hands trembled and my lips hardly spoke. From then on, I wanted it to remain that way. I wanted my surroundings to vanish when he was around, I wanted myself to crave his touch and for him to crave mine.

But at this moment in time when he touches me, I don't feel the galaxies collide. Now, his touch soothes me. It sets my internal chaos quiet. It fixes me and honestly, it's better than what I had hoped for.

By itrywriting, December 2, 2015*.

There are no words, for there are so many to describe true love. It is intense, passionate and most often, unforgettable. Love is pain that broke your heart yesterday and yet love is joy that picked up the pieces to create a beautiful tomorrow. Love is ephemeral as lifetime ends and yet eternal as it is embodied in memories that build one. There can be no life to be lived, no completion if love seems absent. In a way it is an enigma that will continue to both astound and haunt generations to come as they feel an unthinkable desire to surrender.

By rosa2damaskina, February 7, 2016.
Romance / General

How was she to put their love into mere words? An entire ocean of ink wouldn’t be enough to describe them. They were a starburst of light amongst the darkening dusk. They were all the stars in the sky condensed into a single point. They were everything and nothing at the same time. Together, they were both a beautiful dream and a catastrophic nightmare.

They were in love.

By rainywaves, February 18, 2016.

How the hell am I supposed to know what love is? Is it the way you make me feel when you're around, or when you are not so the whole world becomes monotonous and it's difficult to breathe? Isn't love supposed to be a good feeling of happiness, just... feeling wonderful? It feels as if I have to give up so many things to be happy but yet, those things, mean nothing when compared to you. I may just be confused, probably you'd say but, if there is something I want now, and since the first time I held your elbow, it's you. It's been you for so long. Still, I cannot call you mine, but I know I will and I'm scared to be so happy.

By tidgie, May 7, 2016*.

You come into my heart whenever I inhale. I venture into the roads and streets of your heart everyday. You move like the wind; I fly like the sand. Who will love you, like I do?
The journey of my eyes stopped at you, making you their destination; my heart flipped a million cartwheels. I have said what I had to; tell me about yourself, sugar. I covertly read your eyes; I respect you for the way you care for me.
You are my dream. Moments fly away; they don't stay in my hands. My laughter is yours; my happiness is yours. What about you? I go crazy the days I don't see you.
Tell me about you?

By disha_2007, May 26, 2020.

You are mine; completely mine for me for this moment. Maybe, this moment will not be there tomorrow. What if something happens, that you don't stay the way you are? What if something happens that the fate of us changes? Let these paths diverge; let us be lost due to all of the walking.
I will still love you, no matter what. I will die loving you.
You take all the moments of my life; I will sing songs in your love. I'll love you anyway; I will die loving you.
I need you, like my lungs need the air. I will search you such like the feet search the ground.
I will search you amidst all the darkness like crazy; even if I need to laugh or cry for the same. What if you don't love me anymore tomorrow; what if I don't have you tomorrow?
With a broken heart, I will stay at your door. I will love you anyway. Because love finds a way.

By disha_2007, May 26, 2020.

I hate you.
I won't try to convince you that
I miss you
Because when you take a closer look,
Everything falls apart
Even if
Love is true
Love at first sight isn't real
It's not true that
Things can get better
True love can be found
I'm sure that you can agree that
Our actions
our future
I have control over nothing
You'll never hear me say
I love you.

Read from bottom to top

By tara, May 16, 2016.

He didn’t know what love was made of, but he imagined it to be the color of her eyes.

By rainywaves, August 8, 2016.

My love, I don't want to need you. I want to help you the right way. So let me walk solo for a time, let me find that I can walk without help, trust me to return to you. When I do it will be a new version of me, a better one, an upgrade of sorts. I'll be able to carry you, love you as you deserve to be. I'm still here. We said "always" and "unconditional." I meant it, I don't go back on what I say. Even if I fail in the moment I make things right as soon as I can. I said I didn't want you hurt, but you longed to be brave, to protect me. That's love... the real thing. We are people who love fiercely; we are passion and fire - sparks and energy to last a lifetime. I still hold my fire for you, but it burns in my blood not my heart, is there in every part of my being. You are my holy wine and I can never love another the same. No matter what happens next, no matter your choices, you are my hero already.


A mysterious sensation left her speechless, whenever he smiled she would find herself doing just the same. She would always watch him in class, he was just a friend, but maybe he was starting to become something more. She asked herself, was this love?

By chloe_016_, December 2, 2016.

You love because life is short, and there's nothing more fulfilling than that four letter word and how it felt. I hated the idea of love, but at that moment, as I stood in front of Glenn, I didn't it mind it one bit. Why? Because I loved him, and it was stupid to say so, but I did. My heart beat wildly whenever he was in the room, and my palms sweated, and I had this aching feeling that all I wanted to do was kiss him. I loved him, and I hated him for making me fall in love with him.

By Keisha Marie, December 2, 2016.

Found in Scintilla, authored by K. O..


//-I miss you. I miss you so much. I know you can't hear me as I'm saying this - but I'm here. I'm not going anywhere, no matter how far you are, or how long it is until we talk again. ( - Credit to Gabe for starting lines )

Just know that I am in love with you and that love doesn't die; and so I shall wait. And if this all turns out to be dead, than it was never love. Rather, something quite different; and I have no words lefts to describe what it could possibly be, have this not have been love. But I personally promised to love you until death do we part, and it appears that, that time may be here... So please remember me as I drift away and I know you'll remember my name. But for the love of God; please remember how far you fell when you looked into my misty green eyes and you touched my short dark hair as I brushed past you; trying to forget the way your thoughts made me feel as they slipped out of your mouth and into the busy tracks of my brain and consumed my entire life with the hope that you might maybe actually care? And it appears not, so I'm sorry for wasting your time and existing in your life when I wasn't what you needed. And I know you love her and I could never stop you but I hope that the next time you hear my name you'll stop in your tracks and it will echo in your ears making you think of all the chances you could've had... -// -A.B

By Ash Høwell, May 8, 2017.

"Love endures"

Though the years may pass,
Love remains pristine.
For time is less than the passing of water over rock to love.
Quarrels silence,
Masks fall,
For there is truth in tears,
And we cannot hide from the self.
Pain is a manifestation of love frustrated,
Hate is a transitory shield from such pain.
So, regardless of the theatre of life,
Love endures,
For the self is love,


I dreamt of love and happiness, I dreamt of fresh coffee and cuddling, I dreamt of bouquets of flowers and nights of falling sleep in your arms. Most of all, I dreamt of you and me and that was something I would never wake up to.

By anonymousc, February 6, 2018.

" The loved ones always stay deep down in your heart darling. The ones who are the real reason you live. They stay in your heart and teach you to breath. They never leave you alone. We all should give love a second chance ; let it love you one more time. Just like a cookie filled with cream is never called a cream sandwich unless there is another one on the side we all need someone by our sides. Everyone can walk and run but we always need someone to teach us how to walk n run. We all make mistakes, I know if we try to forget the words but the heart could still feel the pain. Some people show their pain by saying words but others just stay quiet but their eyes....
Can speak louder then there words.
Give love a chance."

By Ifra Baig, October 3, 2017*.
Romance / General

It's the moment when you suddenly become whole. Sloppy, lip biting, smiling in between make out sessions. It's knowing everything about them, their goals, future dreams, and what they want to name their kids. It's being there even though it's a forbidden love, and enjoying every moment.

By Ashton adams, November 6, 2017.

You never realize how much a person means to you until they're not with you anymore.

By Julia Borg, January 28, 2019.

There was a depth in the connection that I was unaware that existed until I fell head over heels with the purity of stillness that arises from living within the internal embrace of this present moment. I gazed upon every inch of my being through the eyes of unconditional compassion and felt as though seeing myself for the first time, finally, loving myself for the first time.

By daisylaws, August 22, 2018.

What would love be, exactly, if we did not know what it was?
I ponder this as I lie next to you, my fingers dancing patterns across your bare chest. One of your arms is cushioned under the back of my neck, the other crooked behind your head. To me, this is love; to be surrounded by you, your warmth, your familiarity. I find love in the pores of your skin, in the dimple in your chin.
To me, this is love.
But what if this isn't love at all?
We grow up seeing romance all around us: in movies, in books, in our friends and our family. We're exposed to these ideals without ever having a chance to wonder what love is without all these standards and stereotypes, and it is only once we are older do we begin to wonder if we love right, or if we do it wrong. We compare ourselves to our favourite romance movies or novels and believe that if what we experience is not what we read or see, it is not love, because love can only be perfect when it's scripted or worded.
To me, that is not love. That is the seed of expectation. That is the root of heartbreak.
If there were two people alone in the entire world, who have never seen or heard of love before, I wonder what they would do. I wonder if they would love each other at all, without the pressure of having to. To them, maybe love would be a primal instinct to care and nurture. To protect, and provide for.
Or, perhaps, for two people who do not know what love is, maybe it would be something so terrifying all that they would do would be seek to destroy each other.
Love is just another ocean unexplored. We have but dipped our toes into the unknown, and we call it soft because all we can feel is the waves against the shore. We do not know the deeper undercurrents. We do not know the turmoil beneath the surface. And perhaps, we never will.
...And yet, as I look at your sleeping face, I cannot help but wonder if the love I feel for you, is the same love you feel for me.
And maybe that's how we define love.
By choosing it for ourselves.

By arsoncat, August 30, 2018.

Love is when you can't focus on anything except for that one person. Love is feeling as if you cannot breathe until they hold you. Love is when you're looking for that specific someone in a room huddled with people. Love is when you feel like anything's possible when you're with them.

By Julia Borg, February 4, 2019.

Despite the aching agony, and the undying fever that consumed his body, he broke the seal upon his sight. His lashes blinked off the vexatious sand and light flooded his dry, tired eyes in a beautiful yet painful wave... No change. Slowly, he reared his head forwards, taking his torso to an unsteady, upright position, whilst cautiously placing his weathered hat upon his scalp. A sharp pain engulfed the lower right side of his abdomen. The ruthless mark of Micah's revolver. He searched his surroundings with a wandering peek, pleading for the familiarity to fade. But the sky was still a murky grey and the trees were still possessed by that rusty orange that paired well with the brown-red tones that encompassed; a dark mixture of his own blood and the dirt beneath his limp body.

Suddenly, the pain vanished as an accustomed figure moved with hast towards his wounded face, far too quickly for his tender eyes to confirm identification. He was met with heavy breathing and an electrifying kiss. He could feel the agonising love, passion and fear. Emotions flooded his body with no barricade to prevent their harsh strike. With their lips still interlocked, that flight instinct he acquired for feelings of adoration was fought off by the woman's caring hand in his knotted hair and her body, placed fittingly on his. Their intense embrace broke off and Arthur anticipated the words of the lover he had recognised the second her skin had brushed his: Sadie.

"Don't you dare scare me like that again"

"M-Ms Adler"

She abruptly cut him off with an impatient tongue.

"Ain't no-one taking you away from me again"

Choking up, delicate tears surfaced.

"I wouldn't ever dream of it"

Their longing stare stands as confirmation of what Arthur knew to be true: Sadie was no longer that widow who's heart was envious property of a buried man. She had grown stronger, smarter. Her loyalties and heart now laid with him. In that misguided mess, they had found, in each-other, the will to carry on.

By Kimmy Marshall, June 9, 2019.