The moonbeams lift the blackness to almost deep blue, the silvery beams so brilliant against such a dark sky. They bring the pale sidewalk to a colour my eyes can detect with ease and allow my feet to follow on autopilot.


As I watched the moon slow ascend into the night sky through the parted curtains I watched it's soft, ivory light shimmer across the dark waters of the ocean just outside and stream through the space of my curtains, outlining a sliver lining just along a strand of my throw rug.

By swampygreenie, June 9, 2014.

The dark clouds had vanished, as though wisps of vapour, and the ocean, which was now bathed in brilliant moonlight, glistened like a quilt of molten silver, scattered with yellow sequins.

By albee, July 8, 2014.

They were soft, silvery and emanated a divine aura of everlasting magic and hope. It coiled its glowing tendrils upon whatever it came across, dipping the creature in a radiant, hypnotic glow. It showered down as sprinkles of allure and pearly hues, casting shadows that bathed in its intrinsic charm. But then, in a trice, a cloud- grave and purposeful, moved stolidly with a gust of the invigorating breeze, and mercilessly concealed the moon, thus leaving the world austere, miserable and dark.

By Richa Gupta, June 12, 2014.

It shone like a beacon of hope suspended in the air, it was dark but not black instead a deep, deep indigo. The dazzling glisten engaged the whole world to stop and stare at the glorious beast. The emitted streaks of beautiful white light and they were cast everywhere to soak nature in its fantasy of miracles. It was the moon on full glow showering the earth in the rays that it cast out to touch the rocky surface and breathe.

By livviemini, June 4, 2014.

I knew moonbeams were only light from a chunk of rock 238,900 miles away, & that they weren't even the rock's own because all it could do was reflect sunlight.
Yet late at night--when the branch scraping against my window became Death coming to collect my soul--I was really glad for the pale light streaming through the blinds and forming silvery bars on the carpet. Because I also knew that the only thing that penetrated monsters' tiny minds more than a thirst for blood was a fear of light, no matter how pale and silvery.
I would stare at those bars of light through a hole in my blanket until it was impossible to keep my eyes open. And it would feel like having friends. They sat beside me every night and said, "It's OK. You get some rest. We'll stay up protecting you."

By Sariah Smith, June 27, 2014.

The dark, onyx colored clouds rolled across the sky, but no rain fell. Off in the distance, I could see small stars, twinkling and shining. Then, the clouds parted and the moon became visible. It was a full moon, so large and beautiful. A beacon for the whole world to see. The moonlight filled my bedroom, and the moonbeams washed everything in their silver glow.

By phoenix, June 26, 2014.

She always kept her window blinds up at night so that the moonbeams could fill her bedroom, splashing against the walls and ceiling, turning her world silver.

By phoenix, August 3, 2015.