The nature the public institution is the magic that makes everything work. For example, the university is wonderful when built with love, treasuring all, built to nurture both loving spirit and academic excellence. The same is true of all of our societal structures. When the farmer has all they need freely provided with engineering and scientific support, and are valued as the real source of production, everyone wins. And this is what emotional maturity is; we take care of everyone by designing an intelligent system in which everyone is free. Perhaps imagine this change as a previously authoritarian parent who turns over a new leaf and chooses to love and support instead. Fear evaporates, love dominates, and in freedom we blossom into a beautiful society. Or perhaps imagine the Buddhist monk who is a wise leader supported by the charity of the community, there to guide yet never control. We are the preeminent social species of Earth and we are capable of forming a complex society that is free.