Lara is slumped at the breakfast table, her brows creased and face tense. When Mom sits, coffee in hand, she asks "What's up?" her tone casual and light.

Lara's scowls at her scrambled eggs, "I don't know whether to do basketball or swimming. I like both but I only see Claire at swimming."

Mom takes another sip and then continues, serious faced, "I see, well, what's does your gut tell you? Which one do you want more?"

Lara's face crumples again, "I don't know!"

Mom makes her face straighter than a poker player and says, "Lara, you're not going swimming." For a fraction of a second the corners of Lara's mouth twitch upwards, until her conscious mind asserts control again. Then Mom says "Actually, no, you're not going to basketball." Lara's face is serious all the way from her eyes to her mouth, no pleasure at all, not even masked. "OK," Mom says, "We'll finish this set of swim lessons, then switch to just basketball. You can still see Claire every week, OK honey?"


Intuition... the act of reading another person "like a book," although you would never think it be that simple. People make it sound like you can just look at someone and know exactly what they are thinking at all times but that can't be the case, can it? I've heard that the eyes are a window to the soul but they aren't just a hole in a wall. I suppose nobody can really know, maybe that is a good thing or maybe it's a curse. One thing is for sure - humans are complicated and amazing creatures, so don't even try to look through the window until you can walk through the door.

By Rebecca Towers, February 14, 2016.