Agatha: But we want resilient kids, right?

Margo: Right, but if you're gonna have a hard time next week, should I start being nasty to you now?

Agatha: No! Then I'd be worn out by the time the problem came!

Margo: And kids are the same. Love and support wins. When they feel comfortable they will explore, take risks and learn to deal with success and failure and see them for the imposters they are, as Kipling would say. The joy is in the learning and we only confront the fear that comes with learning when we feel safe, loved and supported.

Agatha: Right.


Do we want kids who suffer in silence? Who may scream and are then silent again because we lack the empathy to listen? Do we want kids to be "silent" again? To be "re-silent"? Why can't we see the cruelty in asking for "resilience" when they are begging to speak and be heard?


Is there anything more morally bankrupt than asking kids to be resilient instead of working to create a world where they can be comfortable and happy as themselves?