I can no more change Tyler's mind than I can persuade the dawn not to come. In less than an hour the world will be unveiled from the blanket of the night and he will set forth into the badlands. I have rehearsed our parting every minute of the night, but I don't know what to say. Speaking with him is so pointless right now.

Fantasy / Epic

It was downright agonising to imagine what Tajo was going through with his devoid of patience combined with his boundless craving for freedom. But of course, Arwin was too stubborn to ask. Asking would make it obvious that he cared, and caring—or rather, showing that he cared—was something that he could never do if his life depended on it. Frankly, it was beneath him. In a dog eat dog world, there was no time for affection; endearment even less so.

By daye, January 11, 2018.

Found in Secrets of Dragonia: Dawn of Monochrome, authored by Daye Allan.