"Welcome to suburbia, the art of making a transient and chaotic life seem orderly and predictable. Everything neat, grass even lengths, a total rejection of the meadows and all things natural. You know, I think it's driven by the loneliness of the middle-aged, that and their fear of their own mortality. So they build things to keep and guard, things they will hardly ever use." Simon looks over to see if Hannah is listening. Her head is casually tilted his way, hair hanging loose over one shoulder. He lets out a breath he was unaware he was holding and continues. "It starts as babies of course, when we teach them to love and be pacified by inanimate things instead of being held and nurtured by a real person. It's attachment disorder on a massive scale - attachment to things over people and nature - a destruction of the natural world and an indifference to humanity while they focus on building a pergola. How is the pergola not the same as their old teddy bear or train set? It's just another object they look to for security. Everyone is ill, Hannah, it's like living with zombies. Ha! A zombie apocalypse." Simon raises his eyebrows, creases appearing in his brown stubble.

Hannah giggles. "Si, you can't brain them with a shovel. I know you want to..."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 17, 2016.

Adam was made for better places than our stifling suburb. He’s moving to the city next week, he's only been talking about it for the last year. I want to be happy for him, he's worked so hard to get there, but in my selfishness, I can't bear to think of him leaving. He’s the only one who understands the suffocation of suburbia, the burning need to escape. He's on a crazy mission to change the world, in a year's time he'll be well on his way to success, and I’ll be the boring schoolgirl stuck in the suburbs, hopelessly mourning the loss of a person who is still alive.

By ameliarose, September 20, 2016.