Mary was troubled, it's nothing new to her, that's her persona normally, withdrawn with an uneasy quiet about her. However, this time, it was different. She wandered about aimlessly, lost and confused. At times, she became jittery and anxious, biting her nails.

I wondered, while I observed, should I intervene or do I leave her to ponder her perplexed thoughts, alone. Not sure of the outcome, I proceeded to help but she became aggressive and boisterous. This kind of outburst was unpredictable, even for Mary. I got that sinking feeling that something was terribly wrong. Somehow, I needed to help.

A rude awakening awaited me. I had embarked on something that was beyond my capabilities yet amazingly intriguing. Mary being troubled was just the tip of the iceberg....

By charmaine, November 12, 2014.

I stared at Nyx for a while with a raised eyebrow. He was sitting tense on the couch, his back arched and his eyes on the front door. "Nyx, are you okay?" I held his hand in mine. "Yeah, fine," he murmured absently, his eyes shifting to the window. "Nyx, look at me." I shook him slightly.

"Don't do that." he growled, his eyes changing to black instantly. "Okay, what evs ," I smile lightly at his shaking figure.

By aria, December 13, 2014.