I feel like I’m on the outside looking in
Longing to bring beauty to the world but not confident to try
I smile; my heart pours forth all the joy it can muster from within
But I have no talent to apply

I am moved by things big and small
The strings of my heart are pulled to beauty like a moth pulled to a flame
My soul is bound to music like a bird to its call
I follow the paths of passion and emotion with no real aim

Joy rises up in my heart when I see people working their gifts
My heart overflows when the sun sets the hills on fire
I sing and long for my small voice to echo off the cliffs
I dance and hope that my fumbling movements inspire

See I want to contribute too
I want to inspire or change someone
I want to make someone cry for joy or be changed anew
I want to burn as bright as the sun

By twilightlover77, September 13, 2017.