The women held the bouquet ready for the ceremony her hands twinged with sweat. She was nervous. Incredibly so. Her heart ran with legs like a runner. Her eyebrows frowned in worry and impatience. She glanced at the bouquet ready to keep well away from the plants which were still beautifully deadly. They carried an otherworldly trance. She gulped. It was nearly time. The flowers would end the brides life.

By thomasg, August 20, 2014.

The bridesmaids rushed forward, and began struggling for the slippers, to the damage and disarray of their gowns, and when they were half way up, Elaine heaved the bouquet and it burst apart among them like a bomb of colored fragrance, and the girls below snatched at the flowers, shrieking deliriously.

By descriptionari, July 6, 2012.

Found in Space Viking, authored by Henry Beam Piper.


The flowers entwined between her fingers holding fast in her hand.As the bride entered the grand church the light reflected from the crimson bouquet wich made her look dazzling in the spotlight.Her face shone with excitement as she threw the flowers above the crowd of ladies all ready for the catch.

By cooliolearner, March 7, 2016.