Word play is my play ground, my joy hound, my rocket fuel and starry, starry night.


"Concubine" or "Conk you bye/buyin/bind." "Conk" is to hit or conquer by brutishness. Thus this word means to take with an intention only to keep as long as it serves the selfish perspective. An alternative pronunciation is "bonk-u-bye" and the other side of the coin, "bonk-u-pine." If you are seeking love, then it is time to say "Con-c-u-bye." I had to write this, to use my quill, there are so many who want to "pork-ur-pie" and, the other side of the coin,"pork-u-pine." There, sorry to be so crude, to seem so rude and prickly, but some pricks lie.


"We are hiring."

"You are higher ring?"

"Yes, we are hiring."

"Did you think I was lower ring?"

"Lowering, lowering what? You so loopy! Next!"