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Ask me for help, just ask. I promise that when you do, it is a blessing on us both. To help is a gift; to be asked is trust and the start of a bond. It is one way we love one another more deeply. So when I give to you, it is with love and gratitude. What else are we here for other than to show our love in our actions?

social injustice

From our trauma populations come the natural healers of society, our artists of words, sound, dance and image. For this is what happens when mental pain hits fever pitch, when the community needs to find love, togetherness and re-bond. It's how we come back to sustainability, to love of nature and one another.

social health

From our trauma populations come the natural healers of society, our artists of words, sound, dance and image. For this is what happens when mental pain hits fever pitch, when the community needs to find love, togetherness and re-bond. It's how we come back to sustainability, to love of nature and one another.


I am most comfortable when I feel my spirit to be feminine, yet as strong as the Celtic warriors of old. My heroes were the warrior princesses of fiction: She-Ra, Wonder Woman and Xena. To be female is to be strong, noble and stand up for what is right as much as any man, yet be comfortable in our skin and our identity as women. I cannot be a soul squashed into something as tiny as the repressed woman - reduced to only my outward appearance - because I am so much more. I can be brave and soft, clever and empathic, athletic and motherly. I can be the "pick and mix" that is intuitive to who I am, girly and fiercely protective.


Love, it's okay to be a human with a monster mask if that's what you need to survive. It tells me that you're still under there, the perfect child you always were. The problem in this world is the one's who sold their souls to become monsters with masks of skin, with smiles to mimic the warm hearted. Perhaps one day we will forge a world safe enough for us all to be humans with human faces, to be feel at one with who we really are, with our true natures, and with nature herself.

a new relationship

Tyler was alpha all the way, but the right kind, like Dom from "The Fast and the Furious." He was all about love, family and protection. He was the kind of guy people wanted to be lead by, to be on his team. I guess that what the original meaning of "Domum" is anyway - "home," that with a natural leader we feel at ease. Just as with wolves, an alpha is steadfast and confident, a role model - a hunter yet paternal and safe. I can honestly say I'd never met a person who could hold a candle to him and, when I opened that door, the only scary part was the possibility that it would close again before I had the courage to walk through.


Your lies were the bars of an invisible cage; how does one fight such a thing? In the end the PTSD, the memory blocks, did what no counsellor could ever achieve - it erased your words. So when I fell, when it felt as if the last flicker of my soul would extinguish in that nuclear-winter we had become, when you sought to keep through whips what one word of true love could never lose, the cage simply ceased to be. Now I live again, love again, welcome each dawn with the heart of a child. Age is for the body, never the soul and to carry wisdom with love is a blessing.


Honestly honey, our personalities change depending on our situation, our company and our stage of development. We are born to keep changing from moment to moment and year to year, and that's healthy. These things are normal and natural. Your gender is something else entirely, and it's something fun and beautiful regardless of whether you were born female or male. The body is an amazing creation to be cared for and respected, so love what you've got, make the most of it, live a bold and brilliant life.


Straight and gay aren't gender issues, they are sexual orientation issues that are biological in basis; it's time we learned the difference.


When gender is made an infinite spectrum, the logical end point is a return to binary. If the personality is not the gender, then the body is. And so, I for one intend to enjoy the body God and nature gave me, to love being female - strong, clever and analytical as an academic - soft, warm and nurturing as a mother - feminine, gentle and sparky as a lover.


There are no boys or girls... just humans... because no personality traits are exclusive to either... there are only common clusters... yet any cluster can be in a male or a female... so we truly equal... we are human souls in either a male or female body... which means... there are boys and girls... because our hormones make us so... and so there is romance... straight or gay... let's love who we are and each other.

a mothers love

My child is my child, boy or girl. My child holds my soul in their heart, and my heart is forever theirs. My child is free to live, to learn and love whom they love... for there is no rule that can contain such a sacred thing. My child has my support for always and my guidance should they every wish to ask. I would walk through the gates of hell to keep them safe and feel honoured to be given the chance, feeling only gratitude. For every child is a sacred gift, yours and mine. We show our creator our gratitude by loving them with every power we possess, letting them explore, be adventurous, take risks... yet standing by to catch them if they fall. Let a mother's love, and a father's too, be the platform from which our children fly into clear blue skies, ever thankful to be such.


I am a human who is feminised and female, had I been born masculinised and male I'm sure I would have been a very happy boy. To me, the concept of gender is overrated, all personality traits can exist in either gender, so why the polarisation? That said, because I see myself as human first, I feel informed as to which gender I am by which body I have. My soul is human, my body is female, I'm a girl.


A leech is a happy companion without a clue of the damage it does; all it knows is that where it is feels sweet and warm. It takes, sucking the life out of the "host" and never gives back. In time, after years, the host is weakened and the leech starts to feel angry at its new discomfort... the blood is not so sweet and it has to work harder to get what it wants... and this is the beginning of the end of a parasitic relationship. If you want to be happy, first be an independent person. So, in this breakup know that once you can care for yourself emotionally and otherwise, the universe can bring you that someone special. And though you can be independent, you can then choose not to be, you can choose to be part of a team, fall hopelessly in love, defend each other in any realm.


When our words fail us, when we see so much more than can ever be explained, that sense of love that hits us in a nanosecond... that's when our emotional intelligence leaps far beyond that which speech can ever accomplish. That's when we feel safe with another, love them for as "forever" as we are and will be. And it's that love that wakes us, shows us our best selves, opens such wide vistas of imagination and reality combined.


Earnest laughed as if it were a natural spring, the water deepening the hue of the rocks. "Wow," he said, "That was so dumb it was music," he paused, softly doubling over with a gentle pat to his right leg, "dum, dum, dum!"

alley cat

Dirt stained his matted coat, knotted and twisted with months of neglect. The bony edges of his ribcage protruded from his chest, as his underfed frame slinked in out and out of trash cans. Prodding a crushed can of cola, he raised his tail imperiously, every inch the former king of the mansion in his mind. The dark rings of his fur twisted and shifted in the shadows as he stalked through his domain, perhaps searching for a plastic packet to lick with regretful hunger. Lonely hazel eyes met mine in the flickering light of the streetlamps, staring with a challenge to feel pity for the malformed creature. The alley cat was in, and ready to roll.

warming down

Yes, honey, I want you to warm down. Take a slow jog, stretch gently, move that lactic acid out. If you don't you'll be walking like a constipated crab tomorrow and I'll have that "told you so" look peeking from behind my empathy. You have been warned.

Argument or Confrontation

The man stood there, a sort of toddler expanded to adult size, irritation in his anger, a sort of impetuousness. I watched as thin blond hair moved over skin that yearned for more shade and rest. His eyes were on the small side, as if afraid to let the light in; his mouth was small and rigid, as if only used for the sort of smiles that mask cruelty, perhaps born of a lifetime of suspicion and the special kind of superiority that radiates contempt. It was one of those mouths that only twitch upward when a deception is achieved. If this were 'Transformers,' he'd be one of Megatron's lot for sure. "Go back to the freak show!" he snarled.

A small laugh escaped my lips, "Freak show? Oh man, if you're here, I'm already there."


In that time before people were writers, when the spoken word was the way of the world, we were the wise women. They would come to us with a choice, faces of puzzlement and fear, and we would ease it. They would ask, "Which?" We would find the way of the great spirit, the one who is love, heal their worried soul and they would be happy once more. Then came the fear of the paranoid ones, and "Which?" became "Witch!" We always were your friends, we who could use simple words to heal and feel the goodness of God giving subtle directions, answering prayers in clues for eyes of the soulful. So please come again, yet feel that you say, "Which?" and we will help the best we are able.