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Saffy frowned and rolled her eyes skyward; "Look, Alex, if the media is your preacher, you need to leave the choir. We need more cats, less sheep. When people stare, you got their attention - that's a good thing. Use that heart of yours like it's a gun, use that mouth of yours like it's a megaphone. We're not penguins building the biggest rock piles to attract a mate, we're God damn human beings; we're smarter than that. Politics is irrelevant; it's a dog and pony show humanity just can't afford."

a handsome man

No one feature makes Mark so handsome, though his eyes come close. People often speak of the colour of eyes, as if that were of importance, yet his would be beautiful in any shade. From them comes an intensity, an honesty, a gentleness. Perhaps this is what is meant by a gentleman, not one of weakness or trite politeness, but one of great spirit and noble ways. What he is, what is beautiful about him, comes from deep within; it makes me want to feel how his lips move in a kiss, how his hands follow the curves of my body. As each year passes the lines will deepen upon his face, he will be more handsome still, as if his soul shines through his skin.


I love you like you're the last of my kind. It is as if you speak the same language as I, yet no other is able. To be around you is like finally not being alone - as if all my life I've been isolated, in a windowless room, in a doorless room... and then suddenly you walk in as if strolling over a summer meadow. How is that you are so much more than sunshine? How is it you breathe life when no other can? Why is it you are my medicine? Who could love me more than you? So, my love, know this - while I breathe I am yours in mind, body and soul.

Feeling Empty

I feel like a ghost in a world of paper dolls. I am the ghost in my own machine. I am a ghost running through time and space, looking, always looking in the blackness for a sacred spark. And all this world becomes noise, a distraction from my task to find the one - the one who went alone into the dark. For should all he be is a fragment of fire, barely a cinder, it matters not, because I will become a river of gasoline.

a new relationship

"Alex, look closely at your new love. Only kind people can truly be strong, for without it all they are is a mimic of a rock, one so cold it will shatter under a blow from above. True strength always comes with warmth, with emotional intelligence and forbearance. The strong protect and nurture no matter the situation. If you make a new relationship with this person, their emptiness will drain you. They will show little reaction to your pains, demand that you give more to them, and you will, over and over until there is nothing of you left to give. Then they will be angry, like someone thirsty trying to drink from an empty vessel. You will feel inadequate, broken, compelled to keep giving to the one you gave your life to, confused as to why it is insufficient. Alex, only you can alter your path, your timeline, your life. Every rock in the sunshine is warm, and with such a partner life is always summer."


Dear Humanity,

Let us play truth or dare. Three choices:

1. Let one person suffer billions of times.
2. Let billions suffer once.
3. Destroy all of creation and all hope for future life.

Tell me the truth or I dare you to live my choice for even a nano second, to feel the consequences of each. The answer was always for you all to choose to be the angels of your better natures and choose personal responsibility. Then we can have our future, our paradise, our Earth, because you will have mastered free will.

Love can hurt, yet it is the only prize.



Give me the freedom to learn by my own errors without judgement and I will school myself faster than you can ever teach.


"David, it is easier to hate than to face our loss. It is easier to follow distractions than to see the pure spark we held become ashes. I choose to walk through this grief with love intact, because on the other side remains our salvation, true forgiveness. All roads will lead onward, never back, branching out into the future. None can be seen more than one step at a time; love is the only sign post, the only way home."


"Babe, you cannot be fully angelic unless you possess the ability to be truly evil; goodness is a choice. It is feeling the power of darkness and walking the other way no matter how painful. It is looking in the mirror with open eyes and learning how to change until you love who you are. Goodness is an exercise in free will; this life will reveal all within you, yet choose wisely the pieces with which you build yourself. All roads back into the light are pain ten fold, your soul a magnifying glass for your guilt. Take heart, be brave, acknowledge and own your capacity for evil - for it is only by the darkness that the brilliance of pure light can shine as a beacon for others. Your destiny is to lead, not from your own demand, but because you are the brightest star in this black night."


My sadness, my fear, my love... they were simply birds flying around my own head. At first, in knowing this, I felt alone, isolated within my mind. But, after a time, I knew it meant I was in control. The sad memories only existed in my head, they were like movies I could refuse to play... and so the "sadness bird" flew away. My fear was nothing at all, less than a trap of fine gossamer thread. A life lived in the shadows is as a new blossom trampled underfoot, it is my choice to be beautiful, to live in full sunshine... and so the "fear bird" flew away. My love for this world, for others, is rarely reflected back with the passion I give out, yet others are in their own pain, perhaps lonely, trapped with their own birds... and so my "love bird" came home to roost. There are days fear and sadness visit with their mournful tunes, but I understand that they came at my calling. I understand that it was my choice to let them in, and I can easily tell them to leave. Knowing that my emotions are my own is a power, blaming others injures the self. I am responsible for myself in all ways and I choose to be happy, to lead a positive life, to listen to the melody of love. For the first time in so very long, my soul has peace. As if with a quiet choice I commanded a hurricane to become still, and it did.


Each drop sits on my skin like a puddle that will never leave, perfectly formed, perfectly cold. I feel the water steal my body heat just a tiny bit at a time. Perhaps once I would have sort shelter or warmth - but no longer. I have become accustomed to the elements, to the wind and chill. There is a coziness in my suffering, as if life has and will always be this way. There is comfort in predictability.

I wonder though, what if the sun broke through? What if each drop sparkled with light? What then? Would the warmth seep through and bring a new reality? Would I shake off this rain as easily as a cat after a storm? Because... I think I'd like that. I'd like that a lot.


The essence of the man was in his entirety, beautiful.
God loves him more... because the ground recognizes his tread, perking up as he buries his toes in the grass. Because, where he walks, the wind blows to assist him forward, the trees swaying to his subdued hums. Because the crest of a way takes longer to diminish when he rides it. Because the very molecules he breathes are alight with something else.


It was the perfect time of day, Terry mused, for a view such as this. The mountains rose up before them in the west, haloed in the aureate light of the setting sun. The flat land surrounding them meant all could be seen for miles around, the rising moon casting a wash of cool, pale blue over everything. Oranges and purples filled the air, the clouds framed with silver and gold from the sun and moon who shared the sky for these short moments. Terry wondered why Adam had brought her here, but he stared out at the mountain range ahead of them without showing any signs of speaking, so she followed his gaze and watched the sun sink out of view.

When barely more than a thin sliver of the sun could be seen, the snow atop the mountains began to glitter like diamonds, throwing entire spectrums of colour across the land and into the air. The water of the nearby river reflected that light back, though with more shades of blue, due to the moon's influence. She lost her breath, and - while utterly captivated by the scene in front of her eyes - she couldn't help but become painfully aware of the man stood beside her. His arms were behind his back, his figure straight yet somehow relaxed, and there was an expression of total peace on his face as he watched fire and ice meet as one.


It’s been awhile since I last cried. I honestly don’t think I’m capable of it anymore. It isn’t that I don’t want to, some days I want nothing more than to curl up into a ball and have the tears wash away the heaviness in my chest. I just can’t. They refuse to form, to take shape and make their way silently down my face.


I am a person.
Or I was a person.
Or at least I like to think that I had once been a person; a person with scars and bruises all over their body; red trickily blood running down their sides; picture of misery, reflected both inside and outside.
My beauty was never that skin deep, I guess – that is, if it is even called beauty.
They say time can heal things. But I never healed, or even became better, as a matter of fact.

Feeling Empty

“Are you just going to lie there all day? You’ve seriously been lying in the exact same spot for over twenty-four hours, and believe me; you look like a freak. And just so you know, you’re getting seriously red and tanned at the same time, which is weird. You do remember that we’re leaving today and we need to pack, right?” Jessica asked me, uncertainly, as if she was unsure if she needed to take me to the mental hospital or not.


“Dear Edward, I hope you liked the cow. Knowing how bad you are with names, I already named it, ‘Edward the Cow’! HA-HA! Also knowing how impatient you are (yes, mate, I know everything!), the answer is “No, silly. Cows go moo.” Happy Birthday! Your best friend, Zoe.”
Edward smiled stupidly at the card and wondered why his heart was beating so fast.


//-I miss you. I miss you so much. I know you can't hear me as I'm saying this - but I'm here. I'm not going anywhere, no matter how far you are, or how long it is until we talk again. ( - Credit to Gabe for starting lines )

Just know that I am in love with you and that love doesn't die; and so I shall wait. And if this all turns out to be dead, than it was never love. Rather, something quite different; and I have no words lefts to describe what it could possibly be, have this not have been love. But I personally promised to love you until death do we part, and it appears that, that time may be here... So please remember me as I drift away and I know you'll remember my name. But for the love of God; please remember how far you fell when you looked into my misty green eyes and you touched my short dark hair as I brushed past you; trying to forget the way your thoughts made me feel as they slipped out of your mouth and into the busy tracks of my brain and consumed my entire life with the hope that you might maybe actually care? And it appears not, so I'm sorry for wasting your time and existing in your life when I wasn't what you needed. And I know you love her and I could never stop you but I hope that the next time you hear my name you'll stop in your tracks and it will echo in your ears making you think of all the chances you could've had... -// -A.B


The grass flattened under the wind in beautiful shimmering waves, each blade turned momentarily to reflect brilliant sunlight. Each one was no more than a slim wand of green, yet together they danced in way that bought out my pain and let a little goodness in.


Falling was easy. I only let go and gravity did the rest.