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The sun cast its golden rays down upon the clouds of billowing smoke, turning them bright red; fire red.


Selene ran, bare feet gliding through the cold grass. A swift wind blew her long, brown hair out behind her like a cape. The eerie glow of the half moon glanced off the silver necklace that adorned her neck. She glanced up, her feet never missing a step as she gazed at the night sky. The light of the stars was hidden by the shadows of the clouds. Adrenaline pushed its way into her veins filling her with the thrill of adventure.

Suddenly, to her left, a tree shook and a white ghostly bird swooped down to fly beside her. Selene ran so close to the bird’s moon glinting feathers she could almost touch them. She put her arms out like she did when she was young, and let the wind pull her after the fading image of the bird.


Ralyn is strong. She has to be. She has to be strong for her friends, brighten their day with a smile as sincere as she can muster. For her family, to always love them and put their needs above her own. That is what she does every day. But on the inside she lives in a never ending death. At night she suffers, pouring out her tears to the stars, begging them with her tear-soaked eyes to understand her misery. Will no one understand that her heart is no longer her own, will anyone love her so much that they could see past her ugliness?


Annaya sat, the wind blowing her long blown tresses out. She loves the wind; it calls to her, whispering things big and small. She gazes out, at the dark brooding forest, but to in her eyes she sees only peace and security in that forest. All who see her eyes know that she sees things, things that no one else can. Her dark blue orbs speak of horror and peace, turmoil and joy, days to come and days already past. Her bold forehead is creased from days of sorrow when depression weighed heavily on her soul. Though not considered pretty by standard terms, something about her is attractive. Knowledge that only comes through much sorrow and pain shines in her eyes. Though small in body, she is fierce in spirit.


His bright blue-green eyes found mine and he laughed, as only a baby can laugh a sweet sound unblemished by the hurts of life. His little face glowed from a light within, and his miniature fingers grasped mine, and held tight. He knew! Somehow it felt like he knew I needed comfort in the dead silence of night, he knew I needed joy in the midst of my pain. I held him to my chest tightly, I would never let this precious bundle go no matter what came I would protect him. Even to the point of death.


I awoke to find myself not in my cozy bed, or even in the protection of my house. I awoke to find myself in another world, a world of suffering. As the numbness of sleep slowly faded from my limbs I felt dead grass poking into back, like tiny needles. I opened my eyes and gasped in a breath, but nothing came and I choked on my own dry tongue. There was no air in this menacing world; lack of oxygen descended on my mind in a panic, in desperation I sucked in another breath, burning my lungs with a ferocity that consumed me. Mist descended on my eyes. Through the misty veil surrounding my eyes I could barely make out dead white trees like bony fingers stretching for the dark sunless sky. I could feel my heart beating against my rib cage, slowing every second. Realization dawned on me, I was going to die. I tried to move my chest, tried to suck in air, but none came. My heart stopped. My mind gave one final sigh. Then I felt nothing. Nothing at all. Darkness.


Alea heard the whisper of the little aspen leaves dancing in the slight breeze that toyed with her light brown hair. Her ears faintly distinguished the echoing sounds of forest animals far away, and the birds' sweet songs. She took a deep breath; the scent of pine mingled with the breeze. The forest seemed alive with little hidden secrets that only it knew.

dysfunctional family

An abstract sculpture of bones, donned with brown skin. He was inferior, he was deemed under. He was but a drizzle of the wrong paint, which ruined the vast canvas of the world, transforming pastel and bright dyes into a cool grey.
His father was young and broken, mended with the cheapest quality of cellotape, left half-stuck by the ever-coming, ever-leaving women, women whose eyes glowered , stashing their secrets in the hook of their garter belts. His father, though, would look upon him with a shadow of a faint smile, and a flame in his eyes, like sunlight shining through Dom's whiskey.
His sister, pretty and wholesome, cracking like a porcelain doll, would purchase cassettes and bury them in the deep creases of her mother's dress. Her hair, splayed with black, mirrored his forlorn face as he looked upon it. Her, as she twirled daintily to the fortes of rock and mimicked the sax at the zenith of a blues tune. She described herself to be rain,frequent and limited, vital and ignored. She would be like raindrops on the dry verandah, crackling like an old radio coming to life.
He would hold her honeyed hand, and walk through the lanes of the favela, and the asphalt streets of Providence, to protect her. He would tower over the lust of weathered men, who've done their time, the cry of the desperate, the acts of the criminals.
Nonetheless, she would return to her father, holding his dark hand, promising a tomorrow. He would watch from behind drapes and sigh.He would play tunes on a kitchen knife, a true actor in melancholic comedy. He was made of forged steel, but steel, after all, attracts. He was a mere magnet, he enticed all, he was enticed by all. He was ruined by all.


In every snowflake that falls, in every leaf that somersaults to the ground, my heart longs to be outside. Yet I'm stuck inside, locked away from freedom. Happiness seems so far away, yet right outside the window. You see, I took my freedom granted and now freedom takes me for granted. It takes years to gain freedom but takes only a few seconds to lose it. So travel gratefully tonight, my friend for you have a reason to live for as freedom doesn't chose just anyone...


Paralyzed in fear, the scent of perturbation invaded the room. My terrorized feet refused to move and all my hands agreed to do was cover my frightened face. I've never wanted to be so safe in my life. I coughed. Immediately, my cough echoed with my cough constantly repeated, quieter every time through the dark and gloomy room. I knew the room must be big, very big and I knew my nightmare was coming soon, very soon...

a crush

My skin tingled where he touched me and my heart beat erratically in my chest so hard that I thought it might fly out. There were butterflies - no, lions - in my chest, but it felt good.

I finally admitted to myself what I knew all along, but was too afraid to admit it: I liked him. A lot. And I wanted to be with him.


Caramel leaves tumbled to life by brisk autumnal notes that roused them from slumber, requesting a last wistful dance before a wintry embrace would claim them.


I was a little bit shocked by her statement. Every word her light, breathy voice spoke had me on my toes, causing my heart to pick up speed each second. Did she really see Felix and I as a couple? I’ve barely known the guy a week!
I wanted to scream from frustration at the thought, but I couldn’t let her know that what she said had caused a ton of inner turmoil to rise up in my chest. I felt my cheeks burning up and my head became overflowed with so many thoughts it started spinning, which made me feel dizzy. I knew my cheeks had to be as pink as the cherry blossoms that still danced in the spring air. I just hoped she wouldn’t notice.


When I feel,
That you,
Are on,
The other side,
Of that wall,
She built,
With expert hand,
It feels,
I'm breathing,


As the night wore on a much deeper, chilling, pitch-darkness enwrapped itself around me and I began to feel as though I was submerged in a dark sea slowly sinking into the cold, unplumbed blackness. The illumination from the stove’s flame proffered indeterminate shadows, perhaps of my tent and a few pieces of home comforts, but beyond the precarious glare the world was completely unseeable. No stars to light up the sky tonight, not even the lustre of the moon could break through the impervious mask. Brimming with devilment and mischief, conspiring clouds had divined to stifle the lunar rays and black out the celestial beams that evoke enigmatic shadows and delinquent wraiths that haunt the wits of the imaginative.

Feeling optimistic

Is the night a shroud of blackness or a soft velvet cloak? Does the wintry wind chill your bones or awaken your spirit? Do spring flowers simply die or are their petals the most beautiful of confetti? Does icy rain steal your joy or steel your resolve? Are children expensive or priceless? Is a friend in need a problem or a blessing - a rare opportunity to show that your love for them is real?

How we see the world makes us who we are.


Sadness. Something I never understood. Why be sad of something which has already happened?After all, there's no point crying over spilled milk. Unfortunately, when you get sad, it's like being stabbed in the heart a thousand times without dying. I know because I experienced when we were bombed. I remember the tears which stung like bees; the deafening screams which still haunt me today; the blood-thirsty fire chasing me to death and most of all, I didn't know whether I was dead or alive. When it was all over, my eyes scanned for a survivor but to my disappointment I was the only survivor. You see, it's memories that create emotions and it's emotions that create those memories.


Black clouds bedarkened the sky - warning of the deluge to come. The change of weather was as sudden as it was unexpected, though it is foolish not to "expect the unexpected" when in the wilderness. The high ground meant considerable exposure to a westward wind, but a raised outcrop ahead promised respite. I trusted myself to a small rocky hollow, taking refuge from winds that billowed my clothing, blustering from all sides. The downpour of rain drowned out every noise and thought, turning the rocks into a matrix of waterfalls, white-water cascading...


Ellie turned, her voice the same as she'd use with her kid sister. "Miss, you just don't get it. This 'education' is just indoctrination; it's being forced into a life we don't want. We don't wanna be just like you, we don't want to lead lives that kill our planet. We want a better world, one that loves, shares, takes care of Mother Earth. We want to boldly go where no generation has ever gone before - not meekly into cubicle farms."


The London sun shimmered above like a polished shield, as if it could shelter me from my past. Yet the buildings dominating the land and skyline were cold, monochrome - not a hint of green anywhere. This city was so different from my home, so claustrophobic. I abandoned looking upward to gaze through the crowd: business people, tourists, students, kids and dossers (just what I hoped not to be). Everyone knew what to do... except me.