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being human

"Walter, as little as you may like it, you're human. You have emotions, you cry, you feel joy, you can be scared. You can't just ignore your feelings. You may be a genius, but that doesn't change anything. So what, you were picked on as a kid, you were taught to use your brain, not your heart, but I'm sorry. If you don't get this, you're no genius."

glass of water

I stared at the surface of the clear water sleeping in the cup. A loud boom came from down the hallway. The water jumped clear out of the glass. Another boom, and another jump. The next time the water jumped, the glass tipped and spilled across the table and onto Alex's lap.

dancing together

The slow music twirled like thread around us. I rested my head of his chest, and let him sway my body 'round and 'round again. The violins came in, then the piano, and then the slow and sure beating of a drum. I think I love him. I think, I think I want to marry him. And the music slowed, and we met at the hands. I looked up into his soft blue eyes, and cried.


It was cute to see a guy like Miles up there on stage. I watched from a red velvety theater chair in the back of the auditorium. One of his hands rested on his chest, over his heart, and the other held the thick packet of lines. Emotion was spread like peanut butter all over his face. On a pause, his eyes gazed over to me, and for a split second he smiled.

break up of a relationship

"Are you the man I thought of marrying? Are you, Josh Gables, the man I fell in love with?" Josh stays quiet. "I must've hit my head, for you're nothing more than a fool!" I exclaimed as I turned my back and stormed off. I felt Josh's hand trail across my shoulder. "Let go of me!" Tears streamed down my face like a ripple in a lake. Josh was a sweet, kind man when I met him. I don't know what had climbed inside him, and turned him mad.


The Jimmy Choos on their feet were the exact definition of what was wrong with rich people. While Faith got blisters from her worn out tennis shoes bought on sale so long ago she couldn't even remember when, those women walking down the hallway got their blisters from shoes they paid hundreds of dollars for.


Santa forgot to climb down the chimney this year again. Jason should have left the cookies for Santa, those carrots for his reindeers.
Heck, if presents came in exchange for foods he couldn't afford, then Christmas wasn't for kids like him. There was something heartbreaking, something devastating about accepting that fact.


I sat crossed-legged in the cool grass. All I wanted was for Shawn to be well again. I was tired of his illness. I could hear his coughs from far beyond the walls of his house. I just wanted him to come out and play with me. The doctor had came yesterday, and said nothing could be done. He asked how it started, so I told him. It started a few days ago when Shawn and I were playing tag in the park. After another round, Shawn stopped, and rested a hand on a tree trunk for balance. His face was as pale as a cloud, and there he rested. "Are you okay?" I asked as Shawn's back bent, and his hand gripped his stomach. His eyes went wide and wild as creamy bile poured from his mouth. He retched until all was left was clear stomach acid that burned his throat. He slumped down the tree trunk as he whispered, "Get mama." His eyes went blank and his head tilted back. He was passed out by the time I was back, vomit stained his shirt. It was fresh. He'd thrown up again.

dark room

In that dark room there were shapes in monochrome, of course the daylight could bring brilliant fuchsia or deepest scarlet, but for now it could be a scene from a black and white movie. The silhouettes were already more discernible than they were only a short while before and Sarah gazed from the window; any moment the sun would kiss the sky orange, igniting a new dawn, bringing the chorus of the birds.

dark room

The dark room was like a place out of time, a place to rest without consequence. The darkness in that way was a sanctuary, a place to recharge and forget the things the world said had to be done. It wasn't that Tia couldn't or wouldn't, but rather that she needed that sense of stepping out of the craziness for a while. So, in the darkness that stole even her own form, she was content to let the night pass and awake when daylight streamed in with its bold confidence.

dark room

Darkness came like the thick velvet curtains of the theatre. It was as if the daytime had been one part of a play and the rest was to come after this intermission of night. Simon let his eyes wander the furniture, the audience to the dramas played out in that room, to the highs and lows of emotions, and to the love that dwelt in that house. As usual he wandered to the window to gaze at the stars, to peek into the universe... the spectacle that was given when all else was taken... as if commanding him to look and feel both his smallness and his oneness with something greater.

dark room

In the dark room, even the ticking had a relaxed feeling, as if it was a heart-beat at rest. Tara felt as if the air moved like cool water and the aroma of her aunt's scented candles infused her far more deeply than it did in the light of day. In the twilight the colours of the fabrics has their muted hues, as if they too awaited dawn to ignite their colours for all to see.

dark room

There was something in the darkness that was like a promise, like the world before dawn. It was a room as a canvas rather than a finished work of art, and to Tom, it was all the more exciting. With each movement something new came to his hand, a tiny fragment more of the furniture and antique ornaments took form, as if they were waiting for him to make them real.


Just before dawn, the eastern sky fills with blended tones of rosy pinks and sandy yellows. A subtle way to welcome a new day, a new beginning. Tea in hand, my fingers trace the steam swirling above the warm liquid. The scent of orange spice tickles my nose as I sip in solace and wait. Suddenly, the mighty sun breaches the horizon and the sky explodes with beautiful colors. In that moment, the firmament is more vibrant than any fresh mango or tangerine could ever be. A mere glimpse of heaven that quickly fades into the blue. A gift for the wayward children still exploring the universe in those early hours. Sunlight fills the air, gently kissing the faces of all good things that are wild and free. The peace felt in those fleeting seconds becomes eternal as I draw the deepest breath and lose myself in the morning view.


Glittering snowflakes fell soundlessly, taking their time before they reached their destined places of rest, enveloping everything in a calm, silent coldness that was comforting in its own special way.


There is a warmth that tumbles out in the winter time; when all else is so cold. It radiates from those who love and nurture as easily as they breathe. In truth, the sparks of warmth are always there no matter the season, just like a warm rock blends into a summer beach, yet melts winter ice.

night sky

Stars shone as sugar spilt over black marble, glistening in the sun. The night sky was such a welcome sight, appearing like magic at each sunset, promising to return as she faded in dawn's first light. There were times in the daytime, under skies of blue, Pamela would think of those faraway stars and how they'd return after the shadows blended into the dark.

night sky

As night fell the blue haze of day lifted to reveal the stars. Shay always felt that this was closer to the truth of who we are. He wondered, if we were nocturnal would we feel more connected to those far away stars, perhaps sensing the fragility of Earth all the more. To him the night was when the curtain was pulled back, when we got to see out of the window we call "the sky" to the universe beyond.

night sky

Stars filled the sky like pale corn into freshly turned ground. It was the promise of life in the darkness, a sense of warmth springing from the cold. It was a vastness to bring humbleness and an eternal space to bring gratitude for the coziness of home. No matter the years that passed, Leo saw each night sky as a fresh gift given anew. It was the moment anyone that knew him would see his eyes smile and his breathing deepen just a little.

night sky

Stars light the sky like snow-flakes in the night, yet appear still, like an old photograph. Jessie smiles, feeling the wind blow her hair into a tousled mane. Were she out there in space, riding the limits of the known universe, they would be a choreographed blizzard. How the stars would move, the galaxies tumble and dart. But for now, with her arms around the branch of a windswept tree and her head leaning gently on the bark, the starlight kept its familiar pattern. The constellations, who'd witnessed centuries and millennia just the same, watched over this tiny moment.