Carl doesn’t have the cash for a new truck. Once he’s been "up-sold" a truck more expensive than he needs they talk financing options. Soon Carl “owns” the truck and drives away, a payment plan in process. With his truck he can get to work, running his local business. But wait just one minute, who really owns the truck? The bank, right? Is that fair? They did lend him the money. But where did they get the money from? They invented it. Now Carl has to pay them back with interest. So what is the money really? Now those digits represent Carl’s hard work and if he fails to work the bank takes the truck that they never worked for at all! I’m sorry, call me thick, but why don’t we just give Carl the truck? I’d rather he had it, wouldn’t you?

What? Who pays the car company? That’s the silly part. Why can’t Carl invent his own money? Because that’s cheating! Are only the banks allowed to cheat? It appears so. OK, idea time.

Why not just have a great public transit system and issue cars to citizens who need them, carpool pleasure/leisure vehicles? We seem to have more than enough cars with our “money” system, why would production be less with a “giving” system? Like I said, we’d have more people available, not less and that’s even with parents spending more time with their kids. Without the money system the elderly can volunteer as long as they want to, contributing and productive, no forced idleness - using their talent and wisdom! I say Carl gets the truck he needs and who needs the banks? They’re just the tools of a dying system. Fuck’em, let’s move on.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 4, 2015.

Authored by Daisy, here.