About Descriptionari

Descriptionari was founded to inspire young writers, to help our creative visionaries to publish sooner. Youth are idealists and we need their song in the world. They are our children, our beating hearts.

Angela Caroline Abraham is a published author and the founder of Descriptionari. Her work is sold internationally and Descriptionari reaches millions of children, youth and young adults in over a hundred different countries.

Above all, writing is a healing art and those who write heal both themselves and others. Technical writing skills such as punctuation are best taught separately.

Write from the heart and you will always move in a positive direction. We writers bare our own scars in our craft, and it is an immensely brave gift that heals others as well as the self.

Angela Caroline Abraham, Founder of Descriptionari

For more information please contact us via descriptionari@descriptionari.com.

So many writers have great technical ability and Angela is certainly one of them. What makes her writing unique, however, is the heart, soul, and spirit she brings to every page, every paragraph, every sentence, every word. That love conquers, time heals, and the pen is mightier are clichés—but not for Angela. In her work as in her life, these are foundational expressions of empathy, optimism, and courage that offer readers rare value and rich experiences.

Steve Peha, Author of the award-winning book for young authors, Be a Better Writer