In the candle lit room stood family and friends, each one ready to make a pledge to how they would help this baby girl their lifetimes. She was a precious gift of the Creator's light, a pure soul. When she cried they shed tears too, her cries were to be expected. This child was freshly arrived from heaven; being further away from the Creator wasn't easy and it was their job to fill her with so much love that she could be happy on Earth - safe and content in the knowledge that not only her parents, but her entire extended family loved her and watched over her. The baby was passed from person to person, each holding her, cuddling her, before carefully placing her into the arms of a trusted other. The ceremony was beautiful beyond measure, not in expensive flowers or fancy food, but in the sharing of genuine heartfelt emotion.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 6, 2015.