Names should encourage us to become the best we can become, to bring out the most heroic self, to call to the inner angel and request it comes to full flowering.


There are some names that suggest the person may go on to greatness, others that do the opposite via their secondary connections or definitions. That is why we called you by the greatest of names, so that you could see at an early age that you were destined to become a great one.


"Here at the wordsmith institute of nanowordology we look at questions that have two meanings that ping opposite parts of the brain simultaneously. For example, when you see this phrase clearly:

'What's in a name?'

It sounds the same as:

'What sin, ah name?'

While the prefrontal cortex is preoccupied with answering the first question which is a pondering of philosophical reflection that people say in perfect innocence all the time, the fear part of the brain (all puns are pinged simultaneously) ignites very primitive fear drivers regarding 'sin' - this is particularly powerful in those raised in religious homes.

Additionally, the word 'name' brings ideas of family, these are close connections to 'mother,' 'father,' siblings and such and so it powerful. Thus these words bring a multi-ping to both notions of guilt (real or imagined) and to childhood memories (our most strong loving bonds), as such it is a short circuit between these areas. Additionally, and this is important, the question is acting in the subconscious while the PFC, the guardian of the brain and psychology, is distracted. As such, it can leave the brain vulnerable both healing and harm techniques. Tools are always good in trustworthy hands!! Anyway, back the phrase!!

While we regard 99.9999999% of its use of these phrases as innocent banter (because they are!!!), there are those who use such phrases to hijack the brain - (more on this in criminology 101), though they typically invent their own rather than stick to such stock phrases. We regard this particular example as a relic!!! This is why the wordsmith institute was born, to raise awareness and bring social evolution in language to reduce such cerebral events. Each one we miss is a 'paper cut,' yet over lifetimes they amass to bring injury to brain development. Some people are more sensitive than others to these things and so we emphasise the use of kind words whenever possible, especially with children.