I don't know what it is about Charlene, but she attracts disaster wherever she goes. She has car accidents, she looses per passport while abroad and get's involved with low level criminals. She's the most soft and law-abiding person I know, but there's part of her that thinks she can rescue everyone if she just shows them enough love. I tell she's stupid and she melts me with a grin that takes me back to when we were kids. She messaged me to say she's going to some soup kitchen tonight, more souls to rescue I guess, so I said I'm coming too. You should have heard her, she thought I'd "finally seen the light." But I'm not going to be some "every-day hero," I'm going to make sure she doesn't hand over her bank card and PIN to some homeless dude. And while that might seem harsh, it's totally in character for her to do it. I'm not saying she's dumb, just that if I don't protect her from herself she'll be the next one who can't pay their rent.