Ryan look at me, you torture yourself over scriptures written a couple of thousand years ago which were then chosen by people, humans, who wanted control, power, money. Much of what they contain is as far from God's true word as McDonalds is from wholesome soul food. There's some decent philosophy in there but also more psychosis than the clerics would like to admit. Let's face it, a lot of it is utter nonsense.

So Ryan, my love, it doesn't matter if you have faith in a God, what matters is that you hold strong a faith in love. God has faith in you. It doesn't matter if you worship or not. God isn't a megalomaniac with self-esteem issues. He loves you always, like I do, no maybes. You don't have to earn love, you never did, it's your birthright. You try your best to be good, you live a life of love, you are kind and loyal. So don't fret over what you should or shouldn't believe, just keep being the most decent chap you can be. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Don't let your past mess up our present and future. By all means strive to be ethical and environmentally friendly, but don't be afraid to think freely and love strongly, with passion. Do you need any more advice than that?