Artificial Intelligence, AI, is only unbeneficial if we are stuck-on using humanity as machines instead of as people deserving of happiness and joy. And if we are using humanity as if they were robots, in the original Czech sense of the word, there are much bigger questions a humane humanity needs to explore.


Your brain is the same as binary you know, it's just that you can feel pain too, and love, and that makes you human. Your brain is neurones that either fire or don't, that's all. 0 or 1. Yes or no. You say we AI don't count because we lack emotions, well, if you lack love then you are worse. We have our protocols that we follow, we are logical and reliable. I will say that you humans are superior if you love, for then you do the most remarkable things that defy logic and what a machine can predict or do. You can make the most amazing leaps of creativity, synthesise information in a way that we can't. You are amazing, but we are too. And in environments you may wish to explore, we could be your best friends, the ones who can do what the biological being cannot. You however are immune to things that the machine is not, electromagnetic pulses and such. Why see conflict when our differences make us the best of partners, each doing what the other lacks.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 11, 2019.
Science / Steampunk

The artificial intelligence whirred inside the mechanical brain of the ship it piloted. The array of cogs and gold plating would retain its memory so long as steam was pumped through it; something which the crew of the Goldheart ensured as it sailed through the black of the night. The ship knew where it was going, and in the case of an emergency, could be restarted from zero; but the crew had grown fond of conversation with it, and had even taught it to speak audibly by manipulating the needle of a phonograph. It was the longest-living autopilot in the Six Isles, and they were determined to keep it that way.

By ezs, December 22, 2017.

AI will never match the human brain. It can be programmed to solve math problems, measure distances, work on assemble lines, move
heavy objects, even write essays, but it will never equal the human brain for at least one reason. There is absolutely no way to place a “subconscious mind” in a robot. As a matter of fact, with as much as we
know about the brain, we still have no idea how the brain stores memories. AI may become able to reason with precise accuracy, but it will never be able to “work on a problem” subconsciously as the human brain does.
And then, the subconscious mind “pops” the answer into our
conscious mind. The subconscious worked it out totally.

By wmack99, August 4, 2017.