Air Force One was like no other plane in the world. There were no seats cramped together, no economy class, nothing that looked even remotely like the inside of an ordinary jumbo jet. It had been modified for the president and his staff over three floors: offices and bedrooms, a conference room and kitchen...four thousand square feet of cabin space in all. Somewhere inside there was even an operating table, although it had never been used. Alex found himself in an open plan living area. Everything had been designed for comfort, with a thick-pile carpet, low sofas and armchairs, and tables with old-fashioned electric lamps. The predominant colors were beige and brown, softly lit by dozens of lights recessed into the ceiling. A long corridor lead down one side...

By yogibear, June 4, 2012.

Found in Alex Rider, Eagle Strike, authored by Anthony Horowitz.


From the outside Air Force One just looked like an aeroplane, but inside it was five star all the way. It was spacious, plush, top of the line fabrics and spotlessly clean. Perfect for relaxing, perfect for business, perfect for a president. Sam snuck up the steps and hid himself behind a couch. There was no way to warn the president of the danger, and no-way he'd believe a teenager, so it was up to him to get enough evidence. A tall order for a boy from the Bronx.

By ravinder, October 14, 2014.

Air Force had the scent of opulence without the full ticket to being ostentatious. It was a version of upper class that wouldn't outrage the taxpayer - enough plush to give the President the respect the position commands but tempered with the self-restraint the dictators of the world haven't a need for.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), June 23, 2015.