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I quickly snapped my head around to see who was behind me, but all I saw was a dark figure. I quickly drew my sword and pointed it at the figure, prepared to fight. The figure slowly started walking to me. I squinted my eyes to try to catch a better look of the figure, and what I saw made my eyes widen. It made no sense. It was... Me?

I gripped onto my sword and pointed it at... Me, ready to fight back if necessary.

"Whoa. Easy there, Kitty."

"Tell me who you are before I cut your head off with one clean stroke of this sword and mount it on my wall." I said, threateningly.

"Jesus... Brutal much? I'm not going to hurt you. In fact, that would be nearly impossible, considering I have the same exact skills and abilities you have."

I gawked at her for a second before responding. "Who are you?" I said.

"Isn't it fairly obvious? I'm you."

"Bullshit. How can you be me when I'm right here. Wait..." I said, lowering my sword. "What? How is this even possible?!" I raised my voice. 

"Dear, you have no idea what's possible."

I began to back away, searching for some logical way this could ever be possible, that's when it hit me." I'm dreaming aren't I?" My words shook.

"Maybe, maybe not. All I know is the me I see before me is being a straight out pussy."

I blinked in disbelief. I was frozen. I shook it off before responding. "Now hold on. What gives you the fucking right to judge me?! YOU'RE ME!"

"Yeah I'm you, and I know EXACTLY what's going on in that damn head of yours."

By darealnebula360, June 13, 2019.

Found in A Lion's Pride: The Story of the Crippled Lion, authored by Ashley Brace and the Lion's Pride Team.