We are angel unit "Alterations and Repairs." When you have a heartbreak of great magnitude we feel the shockwaves and come so see what we can do. If there are alterations to make we do those first, trying to teach the person new skills they need for future relationships. We also seek to repair the damage, and in victims that can be an extensive and extended task that takes years. Yet here is the good news, once alterations and repairs are done we can re-pair you at the alter. Be warned, however, if we come it is a once in a lifetime deal... you get your alter-ration and the rest is up to you to make it work. We care not for human marriage, yet only that the heart can make its eternal bond to a soulmate. Lovers is enough, but marry if you will. We are angels. Here to heal and bring love.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, January 17, 2022.