I see him as soon as he walks in, the angry customer, before he's even been triggered. There is a tension in his manner, a tightness in his face and his eyes move more robotically than others. Every move he makes is as if he's got some clock ticking in his head, perhaps that's the countdown to his next explosion. I doubt there is a thing in this world that can bring him joy, not a flower or a sunrise... the angry customer... forever in a world of grey. As he surveys the products, fingering them as if daring them to tempt him and taking a small yet pungent delight in rejecting them... a micro-power trip. He will select something soon and then, in the process of the purchase he will find a problem and the venting will start in front of the queue that is his audience. So though he is tall, to me, he is so very small.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, January 18, 2019.