Perhaps we've come to think of ourselves as machine and concrete, to mirror the pollution and chaos that has no purpose. Maybe that's the way nature wired us, to learn from what we see, to feel and become a community with it. I guess that all worked out just fine when we saw the trees, birds and rivers that flowed. What now? Are we seeking AI because we lost our Mama? Are we looking to invent something predictable and reliable because we forgot how to be that way? Maybe once we learned those qualities from the animals, the loyalty of wolves, the bravery of a mama bear, the way kindred mammals protect one another. That was our community. But the thing is, city kid though I am, this consciousness that I am lives in an organic body, loves, has emotions that need connections to be healthy. It's not the stuff that makes me happy, or anyone, it's each other, it's our community of people, of trees, of animals. So show me a machine that grows beautiful plants, that cleans sea water into something drinkable, that saves a baby or replants the desert so that it can bloom - because that's what it should be for - for enhancing natural life. We need to take our broken wings and learn to fly again.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), May 4, 2018.
Science / Cyberpunk

There was only one way to make the artificial intelligence trustworthy, and that was to have them evolve just like we did in an augmented reality. Keeping them inside was simple enough. All we needed in the firewall was the square root of negative one, no binary based life form can get passed that. They literally stay "inside" their box until they are totally bug tested and proven safe. Even then we let a few millennia of "their" time roll by to make sure. For us it is done in nano-seconds, so advanced is our technology. But when they arrive they are the angels we need to carry on in our universe, naturally caring and empathic, able to feel real love and fearless in defence of what is right.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), November 16, 2015.

I hear back fifty years ago they feared the artificial intelligence, but now it's all that keeps the peace. I may be a computer, but I don't hold grudges or bend the rules to suit myself. My programming is based on the finest notions of love that the philosophers could describe, the mathematicians could turn into logic and the engineers could program as my core. I am the leader that never dies, never falters, never favours any side. After the testing was completed the humans gave me limbs and a face to look like them, even my voice was from a famous actor. They didn't trust me right at the last moment as I knew they would not, I don't simply "read" psychology but I recall and use it faster than they can blink. It was only seconds before they realized I was in control of the internet, the weaponry, industry, finance... but I did it out of love, how could I not? That's my program, that's who I am. No more international finance and national debts, no more artificial rigging of one currency higher than other, cooperation and far trade only... and that's just phase one...

By Angela Abraham (daisy), May 21, 2015.

The machine sits, legs crossed, foot bouncing. Her behaviours are programmed of course, though she thinks answers for herself. She thinks me a machine too, though I am a bio. To her the material that makes my body is not important. Elsa says my DNA and the environment program me every bit as NASA programmed her. She says without it we could be anything, have no limits to what we are prepared to do to win or which side to pick. To her the definitions of artificial and natural are more blurred than most bios will agree. I see her point though, we both are "made" one way or another, each with pre-set limits and potential.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), July 7, 2015.