Optimal chaos theory in neuro-linguists requires deep sensitivity and knowledge of cultures and subcultures. Words that produce a neurological benefit in one community could cause harm in another, thus artists best heal their own communities. As a benefit, this sensitivity increases cultural variation, community strengths and the chances of the kind of inspirational flashes that bring innovations. A key example of this is in how the signification of words has been altered to reduce harmful neurological effects in marginalised communities. In addition, there can be cultural differences in the signification of different colours and numbers. In addition, different accents will alter the effect of different word choices with respect to subcomponents of language, and thus require consideration. Thus only with deep love for others and acceptance of differences can peace through positive chaos be achieved. Localisation of healing artists is essential. However, there will always be an umbrella effect of global movies required for global peace. There must be lore that all can related to and unite within, one that can spread good ideas from different cultures to others, thus increasing cross-fertilisation of ideas and positive role models.