What she does is nothing short of supernatural, and it comes of the focus she has. Emma almost never cries, but that is because she cries in a different way. Her tears become her actions, her problem solving. She channels her love into helping in that wonderful obsessive way of hers. If you tell her you have a problem, either in words or in body language, or a combination of the two, she'll be in a level of discomfort until she has solved it for you... even when the benefit is solely yours. That's real love, that's truth. She'd protect anyone, help anyone, because that big heart of hers hears the hearts of everyone - not the mask or self deception, but the real self... and that is who she responds to, which can confuse those who don't have a strong connection with their true selves. So when she is emotionless she is most emotional, it's when she needs help the most. Perhaps think of it as a sort of overload reaction - there is too much emotion to process and so her brain edits it out, the same way her brain edits out fear when it has no purpose. And what you'll see if you are really looking is that despite shutting off the emotions for self preservation, she's still working on saving you, helping you, loving you... in a way that is enhanced by the lack of emotions. So call it autistic, or Aspergers, whatever stupid label you care for... but if you can't see her love, you are truly blind... she is absolutely astonishing.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 16, 2019.