Let that beauty shine into the world, yet always be okay with closing the door when you need solitude; even the daisies rests at night, their petals folded inward. So let it show, be bold, chase your dreams with everything you have - because that is your beauty too. Your thoughts, your creative spark, the way you dance when no-one is watching - it is beautiful... you are beautiful. All I ask is that when the storms come you always remember to open up those delicate petals again and feel the gentle rays of the sun.


There is beauty here for eyes born as free and loving souls, for the heart that hears the soft song of the wind as soothing as the sweetest of lullabies. For there are daisies that grow tall and pure upon our earth, reaching upwards in sunshine, blessed by rain, free for all to enjoy. There are the clouds who sail above, creating new art by the moment, naturally evolving from one masterpiece to the next, a perfect picture of time without hands or measure, always onward, more honest than any clock. This beauty is an ever-present season, yet it feels as a summer, one that remains regardless of all else. It is a beauty asking softly if we are going to "Scarborough Fair," and what will we do when we get there? Will we rediscover simple love and find it dwells within us too, that love is the most magical of mirrors, making not a reflection but a real seed that matters, one capable of growing. This simple beauty of nature is enough to rescue us all, it's time to believe in the most humble of beautiful miracles.


Beauty is the flower be-speckled with dew in the thin light of dawn, it is the volunteer at the soup kitchen who missed their own Christmas meal, it is a lioness hunting on the plains. It is majesty and self-sacrifice, it is the wonders of the natural world and our spiritual wholeness. I can never see beauty as something bought in a store, coiffured hair, pouting lips and come-get-me eyes. It can't be had by starving yourself or working extra shifts to purchase designer goods. Beauty is free, we just have to embrace it, protect it and value it. But first we have to know what it is.

Poetry / General

Is pristine beauty
All you want and all you seek?
Many years will pass
Youth leaves me as I wonder
The question you must answer

By reli, September 21, 2015.

She is painted in the most florescent colors. The pallet God used to create her literally made Picasso shed a tear. When she smiles, rays of colors from every end of the spectrum go running in all directions, looking for an untouched canvas on which to leave a mark. With a simple brush of the arm, one could be left with an unmistakable smear of chartreuse. Instead of being the subject of his art, she became it. She doesn’t need a paintbrush, for she uses her own fingertips to draw the colors of life. When dawn was on the horizon, she sat on her stool and awaited the sunrise to radiate off of her and project to the world.

By myownauthor3, November 10, 2014.

Yet, a more lovely sight awaited him. There sat petite Sapphira. Her soft, ivory shoulders were exposed and her cherry-red curls fell down her back. Her lips were carefully tinted red and her skin was flawless. Her silver eyes shone like twin moons in the grand dining hall. She wore a form fitting dress of lacey periwinkle. He plumped himself down onto the chair’s thick velvet cushion.

By Liz Newsom, March 14, 2014.

My aesthetic senses came alive; I was struck by his beauty. The combination of shapes and colours were pleasing to my eyes as I read. Such beauty, poetry defined in endless lines of his thoughts and expression of what his voice never revealed but his writings tantalized and teased.

He discovered the beauty in me from each piece I carved, he traced and defined what my own thoughts saw fit to hide, my paintings became my voice while his writings interpreted. Together, we were beautiful as we gave pleasure to our senses and exalt our mind and spirit with our talents. Our beauty was deep, no surface living. It was easy to give of ourselves like beautiful ornaments to those who appreciate nothing less than the egregious/extraordinary beauty that was embedded within us.

Charmaine Wallace

By charmaine, November 10, 2014.

Beauty does not come "one-size-fits-all". There is a certain truth that bone symmetry comes into play, it signifies good health and good breeding prospects. That's evolution for you. But the rest of it, nose shape, breast size, eye colour is all so subjective. What we find beautiful is informed by cultural preferences and swayed by images in the media. But I can tell you with full honesty that the most beautiful person in the world is my wife. She's no supermodel, heads do not turn when she passes in the street, but when there's sad news on the television she hides her face because she's crying. When she sees suffering she connects to it, she has never built up an immunity to it and I don't think she ever will. It's hard for her to be that way, but to me that's real beauty.


Beauty I came to
see, was beautiful only
because he said 'twas.

When I see the world
I see to often through eyes
that are not my own.

~~ One of My own Haiku pairs.

By saphirabrightscales, February 20, 2014.

Beauty is not of the world in which you can physically hold. It is not just the admiration that one gains from the visual aspect of something they find attractive, but also the admiration that one gains from the thing it's self. Whether it be from the personality of a living thing, or the appearance, or the idea- theory behind the thing.
It is the admiration that moves us, inspires us and pushes us to make a change or input our own idea or form of beauty back out into the world. This may be returned in spoken, written, or draw appreciation or in actions that carry the message of our appreciation to the world.

By swampygreenie, February 1, 2014.

There is a connection between "beauty" and "love," but not in the way advertisers would have us believe. They tout a form of beauty that is merely aesthetic, something that could inspire lust - a thin replica of love based more in desire and conquest. What they claim to bestow they cannot, for real beauty comes from within; and it is only that form of beauty that can make lasting love connections. True love is a unity of souls, not facial features and products that will be wiped clean away come the evening time. If we truly wish to be happy, to be healthy and grounded, content with who we are, we need to find real beauty in both ourselves and those who share our lives. Finding it begins with a quiet understanding of one other, not demanding perfection but seeking the beauty every person holds within.

Fantasy / General

"His name is Gem! Isn't that the most beautiful name you ever heard?”

"Beauty is an unquantifiable characteristic, Tanuvia. The criteria are impossible to establish objectively."


"I said beauty—."

“I heard you! But his name is beautiful—just like Gem.”

By Kecia Sparlin, August 3, 2016.

Found in The Farmer's Daughter, authored by Kecia Sparlin.