How quickly your love turned to hate, as if you didn't even fight it. You let that negative emotion swallow you and pour acid into your soul. I fought for the good memories, the reasons to be kind. I fought to keep myself empathic even as every terrible thing I had predicted came true. For me, that's the betrayal, that lack of willingness to fight the negative thoughts and think the best of me, to recall my soul as it was when we laughed. And so, my heart still has only sweetness for the memories of who we were, but it is so very relieved to see the new life that waits ahead, just around the corner, I can sense it.


I felt the knife before I saw it. I looked into the eyes of the wielder. It was my friend from so long ago. The eyes that were once filled with so much purpose and love was now replaced with bitterness and hate. The only thing that showed any resemblance to the old friend was the shell the bitter soul inhabited. My old friend was gone.

By blb_bulldog, February 11, 2018.

"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
But that’s all right because I like the way it hurts"
- Rihanna, "Love the way you lie, part II)

In my life I have been the sunshine, giving of warmth and light, giving of my love without reserve. Yet there came a time when the pain within overwhelmed and only tears came, when my body itself refused to live, began to say "no." Food would not pass my lips and sleep was fleeting. On little to no sustenance and a mind tired, I searched for help from those I loved.

For any friend in pain I have always run toward them, helped as much as possible. Yet in my time of greatest need I lost near everyone I ever loved - family and friends who meant just as much. Some asked questions that drained me and I thought at last help had arrived. I bled emotionally, shaking at times, but almost all decided I wasn't behaving as they thought I should and walked away.

Abandonment is a betrayal. It is a burning of the soul. It is a dusty hot road on which the mind and body wither. I had lost the one I had loved the most in the world, the one who had kept me stable over more than half my life-time. Yet friends criticized, justifying my abandonment with their own discomfort, and encouraged others to do the same. That was the start of what became a "life armageddon" - the near total loss of everyone I had ever loved. It was never an exciting blank page, a fresh start, or a choice, but more akin to being naked in a blizzard.

At such times the soul itself will cry. "When I am so cold, who will offer a blanket? When I bleed, who will give first aid? When I am lonely, who will sit by me? When my world is darkness, who will be a light? When my trust is shattered, who will take the time to earn it back, knowing that I can no longer simply give?" I now know the answer to those questions and the pain of finding out was a torture, a personal hell.

"If you are struggling and your people are just watching you struggle, they aren't your people." - Anon

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 27, 2016.

You said you loved me and I took you at your word. You said I was your soul mate and over the years you became part of the bedrock of my personality. Then one sunny day, under a cloudless sky, you announced you were in love with someone else. It would have been kinder to kill me. Now I must be this person filled with a bitterness I can't control. She is to be the other mother of our children, you want them to call her “mommy.” If it wouldn't wound them so badly I'd see you six feet under and walk away without shedding a God damn tear, not one. The girl you met years ago under that apple blossom tree, the one with the big eyes and the bigger heart is now consumed by a hatred she never knew could take root. But here it is. Here we are. I am yesterday's news and she is the new bell of the ball. You hold her around her waist while the kids get their boots on to visit you. All the while I am forced to smile and make small talk. The hate doesn't ebb, it multiplies.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 5, 2015*.

I can hear your voice even though I haven't seen you in years. I can remember the stupid things you used to say, all those catch-phrases, what did they all mean anyway? I found you annoying so often and you hurt me on purpose with that refined look of innocence you have. You pulled the wool over my eyes for years, telling tales of trauma and victimhood that never happened. I was the leading lady of all of your dramas until I glimpsed the curtains and the stage lights. I spotted the repetition of your themes, of your script. Really, you should have diversified more. But still you haunt me in ways I can never explain, never shake. I gave you my heart for free, but that shouldn't have made it worthless. It was priceless. There's a difference.


The knife sat precariously on my skin, soft enough to not pierce my neck, hard enough to enforce the intended message. The harsh metal should have been cold and raw against my bare skin, but my numb body could not feel anything except for the excruciating pain of his betrayal. My throat and heart held in a silver grasp, and all I could do was stare lifelessly at the brown eyes that held the blade and a terrifying coldness I had never seen before. I had always thought his eyes were golden, but looking at them now I could see no trace of the vibrancy they once held, no trace of the boy I once knew.

Trembling, I tipped my chin up into the sharpened edge, tempting him to end my anguish, half hoping he would. A small stream of blood trickled from the feeble cut I could not feel, he did not flinch or remove his eyes from mine, a cruel smile stretched out across gaunt features. My frozen heart shifted at the sight of his merciless gaze, my legs almost failing beneath me. His steadfast grip on the polished weapon shifted, causing more crimson liquid to flow from the raw wound he had inflicted.

By Rachel Duxbury, March 30, 2016.

The only announcement of his arrival was a slight drop in the air temperature and the descent of absolute silence. Without turning Leanne knew he was there, pale in the shadows of the cemetery. His voice came, high pitched and cold, "Where are they?" She wanted to spin on the spot before he could vanish, to take in his face once more so that she could paint a portrait of it for her wall. Instead she nodded, feeling a frisson of glee, she was closer to eternal life.

"They are meeting me here in five minutes, a group of three, all young as you asked." Unexpectedly his finger alighted on her exposed neck, cold as a cadaver. He ran it from behind her ear to the edge of her low-cut t-shirt, and audibly sniffed like a wine connoisseur taking in a fine vintage. Then he withdrew and instructed her to do the same tomorrow, to keep coming even if she could bring no more "friends."


Riley stood at the edge of the compound, other than the noise of the flags flapping in the near-gale, the wind covered all traces of sound. He cast his eyes upward, the blue peaking out of his brown camouflage paint. His heart beat a little faster to see it, like seeing a traitorous friend, one who had been loved as a brother. In the gathering darkness he couldn't make out the colours, and that suited him fine, he'd be sick if he saw them now. They brought back what he did under that banner, how he was mislead. Elsa said he should let it go, he was lied to, it wasn't his fault - but his inner peace was shattered and he had scores to settle. The clock struck twelve, time to move. One day had ended and a new one begun – the last one for either him or the generals, perhaps both.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 10, 2015.

Everybody sees the world only from their own perspective as a kid, I get that, it's just natural brain development. But it was like Troy just got stuck in that mode. He was the most fun person to be around, an idea firework, you never knew what would happen next. Every time we met I was swept along, like a princess in a carriage. We'd part, laughing, joking, with a hug. Then I'd hear through friends what I'd apparently failed to do, how I'd failed to live up to his expectations. Now it's all out there on his social media and for the most part we have the same friends. I expected him to be shame faced in the Bio lecture but he just plonked his stuff next to me and lay his head on my shoulder like nothing had happened. Last week the same action would have ignited butterflies in my stomach and a frisson of excitement. Now it's like my guts are packed with summer dried mud and the strength just left my limbs.


You slashed at me with betrayal,
I’ll parry with my vengeance.

By Nostalgia Darkness, January 13, 2014.

So, he was unfaithful to her. Piling reproach after reproach upon himself, he added adultery to his brutality. And this was the beginning of the end. She was more than maddened: but he began to grow silent, unresponsive, as if he did not hear her. He was unfaithful to her: and oh, in such a low way. Such shame, such shame! But he only smiled carelessly now, and asked her what she wanted. She had asked for all she got. That he reiterated. And that was all he would do.

By descriptionari, June 30, 2012.

Found in Aaron's Rod, authored by D. H. Lawrence.


It just couldn't be that Tommy liked her best-friend more. It wasn't fair. She was in love with him and Elsa knew it. She was just dating him to spite her. She opened up Facebook and typed in a new update. It read "Elsa's dad isn't a travelling rep for a software company, he's doing hard time in the prison hospital Broadmore." Then she typed in his real name and the Elsa's original name. Let Tommy find the grisly details on google. Then we'll see who he likes.

By nellythorpe, October 21, 2014.

"You were my brother! Now you're nothing more than a mere slither of worthlessness. I trusted you! I cared for you! I prayed to the gods that you remained healthy, happy, strong. And this is how you repay me! This! Sleeping with my wife, eating my food, drinking my brandy. Get out before I rip your filthy throat out, you low stupid son of a cactus loving whore! You are nothing to me anymore. You've lost all my trust, weakened your status. You are dead to me. Get out. Get out! Your presence makes me sick."

By Airi Michs (V.I.P), January 13, 2014.

What hides behind the lies are truths that failed to get to the light. What lies behind your betrayal may have been honest at first sight. What concealed my pain is what keeps reminding me of you every night. I am confused but I believe everything will come out when the time is right.

By chloe_016_, September 16, 2016.

"I don't know why I split myself open for someone who would never even bother to show me the thread."

By Ašţërøiđ Barnett, December 10, 2016.

It is like she is howling alone, on the verge of something to happen! Things are creeping into her body…….her mind is on fire, thoughts are burning ……. she can hear the rustling and smell the ashes. Her shoulders are tremendously heavy, weighing her down, leaving her paralyzed. What an agony she has become to.... No! No! she has survived, being alone again!
That feeling of solitude has dominated her heart, clinging every thread, catching them. The betrayals of the people she loved the most or she thought, left her heart abandoned, but live there the cobwebs billow like curtains inside her heart. Sadness is hovering over the heart and the mind!
In her dreams everything has changed! Devouring over memories, slithering back, drinking the venom, thinking it`s the remedy for her pain.
Ambivalent she is!! Vigilant all she can be, loneliness what she has!

By aya ben jwairef, July 30, 2018*.