I'm a boss. I rely on me. I take charge when folks need me to and I make things right; I make things good again. I do it for others. I do it because I love my community, nature, God and all of creation. I do it from a profound sense of duty, care and personal maturity. That's what real adults do; we put ourselves last and others first. We only boss so others feel safe and secure. We boss to ensure everyone has what they need and there's plenty of time left over to enjoy living and each other. We're here for love. Money and power obsession is for losers. Love is where it's at. The group is always the best place, trusting and strong. Real leaders run toward the trouble and take the hits, that's what I do. Really, it's the same as being a real chief, the wise one who self sacrifices from a sense of duty. That's us. It is the humane face of humanity and not apart of the culture of survivalist mentality that's locked the world into a death spiral of greed. Love is sustainable as a culture, fear and greed are not. And though I am a boss, though I rely on myself emotionally, others make my food, my clothes, my home and meet my energy needs. We are all connected, always, each with our valuable role.