Instantly, as Tommy darted out of the way, the swarm fell upon the helpless monster and began devouring it, tearing strips of flesh from the lower shell, which in the space of a half-minute was reduced simply to bone. The most horrible feature of this act of cannibalism was the complete silence with which it was performed, except for the rasping of the dying monster's legs. It was evident that the huge beetles had no vocal apparatus.

By dan, January 30, 2013.

Found in The Beetle Horde, authored by Victor Rousseau.


The cannibalism had started in a time of famine, rumor had it that the old priest looked out upon his flock and saw them as no different from the sheep that had died when the grass withered. His mouth watered at the sight of the young ones who had been quite fat before and were even then still plump. He declared a message from God that it was His will to test them, to see who was the most pure of heart and would give their lives to save the others. These fine martyrs would be honored above all others in the life beyond this and their families would be well looked after. At any other time the old fraud would have been thrown to the wolves, but every stomach in the congregation rumbled and their brains began to consider previously unimaginable horror. After a time more eyes rested on the simple teenager who had lost his parents a year ago in a freak accident. After that they just got a taste for it and even now that the farms were prospering they still indulged.

By charlottamodine9, November 1, 2014.